I Apologize Blizz...

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I saythis because of how i was thinking and saying stuff about MoP....

You see i was an AP holder and had MoP beta and wasnt happy with any of it. i now know that beta isnt always what it will be I choose to do the 10 day MoP trial you gave me and i am enjoying it so far.

The intro quest with the king and the close ups was impressive!!

the Human Monk I created is enjoyable so far.

NOW CRZ i still disagree with that is not part of my apology...

alas i wont be back on MoP till christmas cause being so close i must put it under the tree my wife said :(

BTW about the dailies hopla cata and wrath had them its om to do them i just didnt like cata cause it wasnt like Wrath being close together on one land mass no loading screens needed.. felt better

anyways there you have it.. BUT ill be watching you!!!!!! <Glares at Blizz>

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