Aerie Peak
Ok everyone, so i've been doing some stuff lately and tomorrow, around 6 pm server i'll trying to pop 100 milion crit on a player... It will be hold in temple of kotmogu, and a total of 20 players can come (all of them must have skype) but the event attempt will start as soon as we get 10, if more people ask to join, they'll be able... So, if you're interester, add me in-game and whisp me as soon as i get on so we can get a group rolling.. It has never hapened before and it will be recorded ! Any player that wants to participate on this let me know here in the coments and add me so you can whisp me and ask for invitation !
If someone wants to participate Skype is a MUST
cant tell if troll or just retarded?
12/03/2012 11:58 AMPosted by Tonysmash
cant tell if troll or just retarded?

I call Bullcrap, you can tell just fine.
Shennanigans. Seriously though, biggest crit I've done vs a player was back in Cata before the first warrior nerf there... and that was 830k. Haven't gotten near that in MoP even with execute due to the resil changes. Biggest I've done is 280k.

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