Dec 14th: 5v5 BG Tourny 7PM, 6PM Registration

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Both 40 man bgs are lame as f***! Why not take that 40 man battle to STV or something.
12/05/2012 01:14 AMPosted by Fearmybursty
I watched sacred's live stream as well and I witnessed alot of people spamming trade over and over again to join the Dara mactire wpvp event and of course tons of fanboys are going to come they probably thought swifty was there so lets be honest we were greatly out numbered org or not it's darkspear horde nothing to brag about also the lag and the zoning in and out thing from the lag made it extra difficult to try and stop you guys as well. So please kid you bragging about it on vent was pathetic. You are a joke and so is your guild expecially after teaming up with world pvps at its failest. LOL. Maybe that was one of your biggest downfalls after bringing them along maybe you would of had more luck with a different guild in krasarang wings when we were owning you bads before you had to come back with an extra raid group to out number us ,baddies.

All this QQ makes it worth it. =)
12/05/2012 08:34 PMPosted by Deathgaze
Seriously.. How the hell are you still in TCT? You're literally a joke.

I can explain. Every guild needs a mascot.
Preparations are nearly complete! Who's excited?
I regret to say we will not be able to put on this event on Friday the 14th. I will get together with the horde guild leaders and see if we can re schedule.

I do apologize for this I know everyone was excited but i have no choice but to cancel at this time.

Hey eliagelgel! Had fun farming you during dailies today! <3
Instead, I'll be hosting an open registration 5v5 BG Tourny!

I'll be taking registrations on the WoW forum at that time. I'll be selecting 4 horde teams and 4 alliance teams to participate. If participation seems sparse, we'll run with as few as 4 teams, or draw more from the faction with more registrations.

5v5 RBGs is a possible addition to the game announced by Blizzard in a twitter post. It is the more probably of two solutions to the small amount of players quing RBGs (The other is quing with 5 and getting 5 others). In preparation, TCT has been running 5v5 battles against each other to see just how viable the bracket will be.

I'll be casting all the games from the streams, streaming two streams from the players on my own. If you'd rather listen to my audio or simply watch the other streams, I'll be providing links to them on the WoW forum post used for registration.

Let me just say, you're in for a treat!

  • 1 Player who is capable of live streaming, preferably on Learn how from a great guide by Hydramist:
  • Live stream must be medium quality or higher and must persist through at least 80% of the match. If you're new to streaming, please test your latency! It can be bandwidth intensive
  • Minimum 1 Healer, Maximum 2.
  • Tank specs are prohibited to reduce stalemates. Be creative for FC maps.
  • Rocket boots and parachutes are prohibited

Possible Maps:
  • Warsong Gulch
  • Twin Peaks
  • Battle for Gilneas
  • Temple of K
  • Silvershard Mines

AB and EOTS didn't make the cut because there are simply too many nodes. We're going to keep an eye on Silvershard Mines for future matches. I believe it will still be entertaining based on how it plays out in 10v10 RBGs, but have concerns about battles being too small (frequent 2v2s and 1v1s are not exciting... or are they? You decide!)

I'm sure there will be many details to iron out, so look out for my thread tomorrow around 5PM. See you there!
Sounds great! look forward to being there!

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