Dec 14th: 5v5 BG Tourny 7PM, 6PM Registration

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add me to the list.. i need to crack my knuckles and get back to this damn pvp world
EDIT: Read date wrong, thought today was the 15th. Either way I can't make it tonight, had a team and strats worked out for weeks too
A registration post is going up @ 5PM server. We'll have registrations open until 6:30PM.

To those who can't make it, we'll be scheduling the next 5v5 and 40v40 on Saturday by popular demand. Consider tonight a test run for things to come!

All I see is,... DARA BACKS OUT OF 40v40.

Dude... it's 40v40... talk about carrying kids.
I understand there's some movie about short men with harry feet going on tonight. We'll be postponing until January. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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