Balance Druids DoT Management and Burst Guide

12/10/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Cyous
...why would you need an addon for that?

I would like to keep track of my mastery buffs. In fights like Garalon, Stoneguard, and other multitarget fights, when im spamming tab DoT tab DoT I would like to know whether or not I have an eclipsed DoT on my target or not.

A mastery tracker would kinda be nice, I know restos have them and it serves as a log, having something like that for balance could help someone refine their rotation better.
So a few small questions, as I'm under threat of losing my raid spot due to somewhat poor DPS:

1) Are there any addons that can tell you when its appropriate to clip a DoT? I think in trying to be more advanced I've been clipping them when I have around 2 int procs of something, and I'm now realizing after your video that I wasn't treating a GCD as a precious resources. On more than one occasion I probably clipped DoTs with 8+ seconds on them just because I could apply new ones with 4k more spell power on them. I I herped and then derped.

2) Any idea how to keep your eclipse organized and que'd up properly for burst phases, and what to do when a raid leader calls for burst and you're in the wrong eclipse? As an example, on Elegon how do you manage eclipse your eclipse during sparks? And what would you do if the RL called for lust and you found yourself at the start of a solar eclipse? Do you pop CDs in solar or do you bite it and work your way to lunar? Would it be appropriate in that kind of situation to hit CA along with Inc and then work your way to another lunar?

3) How big is our 4pc and how bad should I feel that I don't have it?

4) How do you handle multi-dotting: ie is it more important to DoT 3-4 targets and move to a new eclipse, or stay in an eclipse and just keep tab-dotting. If starsurges push you out of an eclipse should you just continue to DoT and let them push you into a new one? Or push through right away?


My DPS would probably be considered good in an average guild, but since I joined a progression guild I've been told its not cutting it, and that I should be much higher DPS than I am. My DPS also seems very inconsistent. One week on H. Elegon I did 148k, last week I did 131k, and our fury warrior is telling me I should be topping his 170k without breaking a sweat. So any advice would be welcome :(

An especially bad kill:

Thanks for any of these that you can answer

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