[H] Bronze League Heroes Recruiting RBG / 10m


Recruiting closed for warriors, paladins, and priests. Actively seeking warlocks, shamans and a death knight.


1. Core 14-15 flexible players
2. Solid, trustworthy players that will work together and maximize each others' in-game "performance" and have an enjoyable atmosphere
3. Players that can easily transition between specs and PvP / PvE
4. CONSISTENT RBG team composition
5. A handful of players w/ alts on several specs to create arena teams from etc etc etc
6. Raid times will be established when a working group has been assembled, assume they will be suited around EST

Going to cut to the chase quick, and making a very honest post. A core group of players have moved to Illidan with myself, we've formed a new guild and are looking to supplement our solid group of about 6 people. We all have experience clearing every raid from Vanilla --> Wrath. We all took leaves of absence periodically throughout the end of Wrath and during Cata from the lack "innovation" that was taking place. We all have experience in arenas surpassing 2200 on several classes.

So who are we looking for?

Truth be told, at this point in time, anyone. We're looking for flexible players that can fill multiple roles ranging from tank / heals / DPS. Players that can transition to and from PvE -> PvP with ease.

Are we going to be a hardcore PvE guild?

Honestly, no. I believe that if we find a core group of about 14-15 people we can easily clear 10m in a single night and go on about our personal goals for the game and life for the rest of the week.

In-game ßrainz (alt + 0223 for the B) ßongzilla (same) Gëtsmurfed (alt + 0235 for the E)

Drop a post here works as well, will contact ASAP.
Globogym Heroes
hey whisper me on murddaa when the severs come back up I would like to possibly join!
2.2k exp in arena
1780cr in rbgs
LF core rbg team that is consistent and well managed.

I just transferred here with 5-6 others. Just wondering when you plan to run the RBG's and 10m. The main issue is that I work nights from Sun-Thurs.
I don't know as of yet, we have a lot of x factors with people still hitting 90 and filling out the roster. I don't know if Friday night would work to raid simply out of reservation for people's plans, could work something out on Saturdays. Hit me up in-game.
Updating thread.
I'm a Frost DK and i Do work on people, message me in game! im online almost every night PST time!
Still searching
Still in need of that special someone to light up my life.
im thinking of transfering over there with some friends. Afflic warlock (me) , Spriest , Boomkin and Hpal (getting geared)

what times/day's do you guys do rbgs? do we have to do pve lol?

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