[A] Selling Profession Power Leveling KITS

Currently in the business of KITS :D
Secondary toon (banking toon) Bruton Gaster with the guild <Kits R Us>

Currently Completed:
1-600 Inscription Kit (9k) for Jubidiah's wifs (sorry forgot toons name)
1-600 partial BlackSmithing Kit (9.2k) for Jubidiah
1-525 Cooking (450g) for HolyWr(a)th (special A)
1-525 Cooking (450g) for another character, I forgot the name (sorry)
1-600 Inscription Kit for Cindas

In Progress:

Completed Awaiting Buyer:
1-600 Tailor Kit (16k)
1-525 Cooking Kit (450g) ALWAY AVAILABLE (lvl 90+)
525-600 Strength Cooking Kit (4.5k)
525-600 Intellect Cooking Kit (5k)

Please Message Shamonna or BrutonGaster in-game for questions or feel free to post here!
felsam owes me 1k tell that bitc_h to pay up

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