<Avoid> 2/6HM 15/16 recruiting open!

<Avoid> was formed on January 14, 2012 by 3 real life friends. After having an extensive raid background, we felt that it was time to create our own guild. Month's behind in the current content, we were able to find like minded individuals who enjoyed pursuing progression, and cleared through all current content in tier 13. Now MoP has landed and we have recently transferred to Illidan for a better outreach of skilled players since it was impossible to fill our raid spots with competitive players. Several of our core raiders stream their raids and other games providing certain income. Also several of us take interest in our class and write guides for the community. We are also sponsored by Wicked Audio.

Apply @ www.avoidguild.com

Current progression:
2/6HM MSV : 6/6HoF 3/4 (with easy elite kill) - we are in our rebuild phase so we understand that we are behind in progression, having said that we only raid 9 hours a week and expect our raiders to be experienced enough to not hold us back during these times.

Only looking for mature and experienced raiders:
Mistweaver Monk
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman
Blood Deathknight
Protection Paladin

Raid Schedule
Mon / Tues / Wed 7:00PM - 10:00PM EST
if only we can get 90% of raid for an extra night (Sunday 7:00PM) for extra progression.

What we expect from you:
1. A long term home, and where not only do we just play WoW but other games together as well. We keep our egos at the door, and want to have fun and realize we are humans behind the pixels. Though we do take our raiding serious, we want people who are open to criticism.

2. 90% Raid Attendance. If it becomes a problem you will be replaced. We want dedicated and raider who are master of their own schedule.

3. Be prepared, research, and execute at a skilled level. If you cannot fix your mistakes do not apply. All of our raiders catch on and fix problems if they happen.

4. Be a team player, be willing to sit out if we ask for a trial, or for ideal raid comp. If you are selfish player, need not apply.

You must fill out our application on ourwebsite at http://www.avoidguild.com to even be considered.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Real ID: nick609@gmail.com
We currently have one last core spot open for a main tank.
Still recruiting for a main tank, also excepting applications on our website for experienced and mature raiders. We look forward to hearing from you.
Recruitment needs have been updated
Currently looking for an experienced Rogue, Mage, Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk.

Still need a solid tank & dps with healer OS
Interested. I've tried to catch you ingame but you haven't been online. I will try you before your raid times on Monday.
Snacknappin, sounds great! You can contact Nickcraft, Pizza, or Zkeletor in game. Or drop me in game mail and i'll get back to you around 6PM EST.
Still recruiting, you must fill out an application before talking.
Looking for experienced healer (with dps offspec) and one tank. Please be experienced!
Still recruiting all classes, you can apply on our website avoidguild.com
Recruiting 1 solid healer & dps.

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