[A] Death and Taxes Casual 10 man

Greetings potential candiate!

We are seeking dependable players to join our ranks and raid with our casual (but very skilled) 10 man. If you feel you're an exceptional player but dont have the time to commit to a full hardcore raiding schedual, this may be the group for you. The experience level of players in this group is nothing short of outstanding, however that being said we are at a point where we just want to have fun and enjoy raiding at a relaxed pace.

Raid Days:
We plan on playing AT MOST 2 days a week

Needed classes (but not exclusive)

Dk (tank and dps capable)

Please feel free to contact me anytime in game if you have any questions or want to chat about this.

If I am not online you can go to our website (www.dtguilds.com) and get in touch with us there

Thank you for your consideration!

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