Need Hunter or Boomkin

Zenith is in need for a hunter or Boomkin for our raid group. Were very laid back, mature group of people, always have fun, and we down !@#$. Raid times are Tue, Thur, and sun. 6:45-9-10.
Usually do a Full MV clear on Tue, and were working on HoF rest of the week. Having a hard time, because we cant find anyone reliable to show up every week, and that knows their class. Everything is provided, So msg me or Theonlyninja in game any time if interested, thanks=)
Nevermind...kinda rude.
Don't be mean bra!

To those interested in more info check out this post ->
BRO, ilvl Ifinity boomkin LF an amazing guild to raid with!
Ooh.. wait sorry thought you were from, Schwarzenegger Will BRB.

Ursofunny. Thanks for the bump O.o
Bro, wanna skype?
Give you da best cam show ever.
Still looking for Boomkin or a hunter!
Pst you forgot to mention we also need a resto shammy
We filled our resto shammy role. Now all we need is a hunter or boomkin!
Still Looking, Any hunters or Boomkins out there loking for something new and fun, give us a holler=)
We have sexy girls in our group!!
Hit me up next time you're online. Making a change back to boomkin and still kind of rebuilding my gear at this point, but would be interested in raiding again after I took a little break recently.

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