Warning about Fluffymage

Hello, just wanted to make aware in your realm KilJaeden, that this Blood Elf Holy Priest Fluffymage from the guild Blasting Off Again, was trolling LFR, he wiped us like 6 times by ninja pulling trash and typing random stuff in chat, and keeping himself in combat so we couldnt kick him.

This went like through 3 wipes will we figure out who was ninja pulling and getting us killed.
After that, he will just keep himself in combat, and start typing random stuff like songs lyrics and stuff, this went for about 15 mins more.
We wasted around 30mins until we managed to get him kicked. This was all b4 we could even reach the 1st boss in LFR....
12/03/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Innkéeper
trolling LFR

one does not simply troll lfr without me there to do so
how does a level 32 do LFR?
Oh, he has a higher item level than me. I am immediately barred from the discussion.
crud me too
Hi, I'm Bebbit.
yeah, didnt notice i was in my bank mule...
well, LFR is not srs bznz... but it was really lame to get into a fresh LFR, and just wipe over 6 times before figuring out who was the idiot ninja pulling all mobs in room.
Wasting like 15 mins wiping without reason... and that their guild master dont even care about these kind of guildies....

After we found out he was the one pulling, he would just chain pull so we/he wouldnt be out of combat, so we waster about 20-25mins in a dumb LFR stuck with this idiot.... He was even making fun of the group, by typing songs and random stuff after we discovered him ninja pulling.

In case his GM decides to make something about it, ill make sure any guild he goes to in this server knows about this. But hopefully around 5 or 10 ppl from the LFR decided to open a ticket and report this, hopefully he will get what he deserves, doubt it though.
Shuuuuuuuuuut up. Just because I didn't go berserk in tells or something, you decided to post this. At this point, you're more on my !@#$ list than Fluffymage would've been.

Plus, I removed him anyway.
My sides, are moving on their own. I can't stop...their getting away.
Bro, bro.. Don't be so mad. <3
12/03/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Rueful
Plus, I removed him anyway.

Ruh roh I'm next.

To be honest, for the 60 seconds we shared together I kinda liked him. He and I are not so different. Nawww, we are.

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12/03/2012 06:45 PMPosted by Zale
their guild master dont even care about these kind of guildies....

try telling my gm that i facepull lfr stuff or lust on trash

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