Warning about Fluffymage

Rueful, I apologize for generalizing, when you didn't respond, I just assumed you didn't care about what the members of your guild actions. I did wait like 10mins in that toon for a response, and since you where in arenas I didnt want to keep bothering.

I really wanted to get this dude what he deserved, because wasting other peoples time even in LFR was pretty lame.
I mean, it was like 30mins that he put us through his idiotness, even typing random stuff in chat like song lyrics while he facepull. Try wasting 30 mins in like 6 wipes even b4 1st boss because of a jerk like him. It gets really frustrating.

As I said like 10 other guys made tickets in game, hopefully he gets what he deserves.
I already changed the post title and title, so there is nothing related to your guild, and again, sorry for bashing your guild and thanks for making the right thing.
I wish you weren't a liar.
lol I'm going to send fluffy gold if this assclown paladin is for real.

LFR trolling and posting about it on forums... priceless

I should que as tank and pull as boomkin for lolz
I think this belongs here.

Don't QQ out loud. Just keep it inside. Learn how to hide your feelings.

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