Heals and Tank looking for new home!

Area 52
475 healer (holy/disc priest) and 480 tank (monk with dps offspec) looking to transfer to a higher population server. Looking to raid 2-3x/week with 11pm to midnight being the latest (may be able to go slightly longer on weekends). Have cleared all of MV on normal and of course all of LFR. Any raids out there needing a tank and healer?
VENÐETTA is a lvl 25 guild looking for an OT with a dps offspec and a ranged dps for core spots as we recently lost two raiders due to real life issues. One of our current healers would consider change to dps if we could find a good replacement healer. We are a mature, drama free guild. We usually raid Wed, Thurs, and Sunday from 9 pm to 12 pm server time. Pst Daramulum, this character (alt 131) or Sarâbi (alt 131) for more information.
Not sure why I am showing up as a level 1 priest on Malganis, as I am a level 90 on Area 52. Contact me via Battle Tag Dara1999#1138

Vindication is a level 25 guild, we're currently 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF, currently doing 10m's but looking to expand to 25s. We need more competent DPS/Heals much like your self. We have an active community, and usually always have people on doing something.

Our raid times:
Wed 8-12st
Mon 8-12st
Sun 8-12st

If you'd like to talk to me about possibly joining get a hold of me either on here or

Real ID: guckin#1795

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