Holy/Ret, Blood/Frost and hunter LF raid

Hi as the title says myself and 2 friends are currently looking for a raid I am a Holy/Ret paladin 476 in holy and 482 in ret. My dk friend Candiecane is 474 Blood and 483 as Frost and my hunter friend Jacksavage is 483. All 3 of us are available to raid at anytimes or days.

I am 6/6 in MV and both jack and candiecane are 4/6 in MV, candiecane is 1/6 in HoF and myself and jack are both 0/6 due to our raid on cho'gall not understanding how to avoid discs. We have all studied the other fights and learn fast. The 3 of us transferred to proudmoore this week after *trying* to raid on cho'gall with some friends but had some bad luck/players. We would like to still raid together so we are looking for somewhere able to take all 3 of us.

If you are interested you can either message/mail me or either Jacksavage or Candiecane in game or reply to us here. ^.^
hey guys
Never Mind we found a group :)

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