Silvermoon 5.1 FPS Freezing Issue

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After taking a portal from Moon Shrine me and a buddy both walked into the courtyard to instantly drop from 60 FPS to 1 FPS.

I attempted reloading and relogging without much success. I finally figured out that if I panned camera away from looking at the fountain I was able to move around enough to get out of the courtyard.

Seems this issue has been ongoing but I can't find a response in any of these forums nor a sticky which I would expect with a serious issue like this. A city should not be freezing a player's computer.

A response would be great!

Thank you.

Wish I would have checked this board first. I just spent 2 hours contacting newegg and Asus thinking my video card had just failed me.

But, yeah, this is happening to me too. Just walked/flew from Undercity -> Silvermoon after I finally just hearthed out of the Silvermoon City portal entrance. No FPS issues until I hit the palace in Silvermoon again. Drops my FPS to <1 and generally just acts as if the game froze.

Video Card is an ASUS Radeon HD 7750 if it matters.
Same thing was happening to me server hydraxis video card asus gtx 560 x2 on sli
I'm on a Macbook Pro (which is reason enough for bad stuff to happen) with a NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. I keep all my settings low and I usually have no issues with FPS, this being the exception. The only response I've seen from Blizzard was that they are researching the issue.

They should put a under construction sign up on the portals to Silvermoon and lock the gates!
Apparently, they're aware this is an issue:

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