[H - 10M] The Alphabetical Order is LFM!

EDIT: We are now recruiting for grow our 10-player raid team. We only ever run one team and prefer not to "bench" folks if it's avoidable, so space is limited.

We're starting with one night per week, Wednesday from 9pm-12am server.

Ladies and Gentleman! Friends! Well-wishers! Family pets! Inanimate household objects! Are you looking for an active, social, casual raiding Guild on the Thrall server? Are you tired of; Drama? Immature rants? Guild disappearing overnight? Non-stop cursing/spamming/unsociable behaviour from guild mates?

Then read on...

About The Alphabetical Order (TAO)
"TAO is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. Smothered in bacon. Placed in a hat." Oscar Wilde (possibly)

TAO was formed in 2008 on the US-Nesingwary server. Yes, Nesingwary is a server! You can find it on WoW Progress...let's say, in the "lower half" of the list (hey, someone has to be bottom, right? Right? Guys? Hello...? *echo*).

Throughout Wrath and Cataclysm, we were a casual but progressive 10-person raiding guild. At our peak, we were 11/12 heroic ICC10 and had many of our members ranked on World of Logs (including some top-10 DPS rankings). Towards the end of Cataclysm, some of the original members stepped away from the game.

The original members of TAO have moved to the Thrall server and we have plans to begin 10-man raiding again

What can we offer you?

    * A growing raid core of gamers with great skills and experience.
    * An absolutely drama-free, adult social group.
    * Nightly guild scenarios, dungeons, LFR, PvP, pet battles, fishing in wedding dresses, etc.
    * Active, helpful, group-oriented member base.
    * Seventeen types of Pie.

Who are we looking for?

Unlike most guilds, we focus entirely on YOU! The person behind the character. While characters can be leveled and geared up in short order, it's the people who make our group what it is. We're a rag-tag group of fun and quirky individuals, and want to add more, like-minded souls to our group.

Our only stipulation is an age-limit - we ask that all members be at least 18+. Most of our members are ~30's and up. Other than that, we simply ask that you be fairly active, vocal both in guild chat and voice comms, and appreciate and share our humour, our group ethics and our goals.

To apply, please visit our website: http://thealphabeticalorder.enjin.com/recruitment
Only 17 types of pie? We can surely throw some cake into the mix too...
Unless its floor pie, mmmmmm....floor pie....
Updated recruitment post to reflect our raiding plans!

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