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Main: Stárrbuck
Server: Thrall

Hello! I'm posting as an alt because I can't seem to post off main probably since it's maintenance day and still in the process of showing my main on Thrall.

I am a demo lock LF a TWO night a week raiding guild. I like a "casual raid environment" but still would like to progress (in a strong group, two nights is sufficient IMO) The guild I was in decided to go in a different direction. Sadly, this was decided after only 4 bosses in MSV and a feeble attempt at first boss in HoF. (I'm looking to raid on weekdays mainly and not past 11pm server time).

I consider myself a good raider, always looking to improve, always researching. I don't die to stupid things, I'm on time and raid ready on our scheduled nights. I'm courteous to my fellow raiders because it's their time too. I try to stay away from any "drama". Just a game after all. I have a life outside of WoW probably why I'm not the greatest warlock in Azeroth!!! But I am always trying to improve. And I bring cookies!

(I prefer to stay demonology although I will be picking up afflic spec to try to get better at it)
Misguided Retribution is currently looking for a reliable warlock to complete our roster. We raid Friday and Mondays 9pm-12am. We are currently 4/6 MSV and close to downing Elegon as well as the first boss in HoF (3% on Elegon, 1% on Zor'Lock).

We are a no drama casual raiding guild but still want to progress and do heroics like we did in Cata. Please contact me or Makaiyla in game if interested. I will be seeking you in game as well.
I don't know enough about Warlocks to evaluate your character, but Eighty Six is looking for a DPS to replace someone that we lost. We are 16/16 Normal Mode and 1/16 Heroic (starting serious work on heroic now that normals are cleared).

We don't have a lot of drama, but you will get picked on (in a friendly way), and it's best if you have a thick skin.

We raid Friday/Monday from 6:30-10:30 with an "optional" Wendsday raid where we clear MSV (It's nice if you can make it).

If you're interested then whisper me (Officer), Axium (GM/Raid Leader), or Kerureyu (Co-gm/Officer).
Heya Silent, We may be a perfect fit for you. My guild and I just recently transferred to thrall last night and we're looking for 2 Ranged DPS to fill our core (8 transferred)

We are currently 3/6 mv

Hit me up in game, my battle tag is btizzy#1155
So I'm still LF a raid group. Voldus, midnight is too late to end I'm sorry. Hopefully, this server has decent pugs lol.
The pugs are hit or miss. If you aren't saved to MV this week, feel free to pug with us 830 server time. We have a spot open for a warlock in our team, so if you like how we do things we can talk permanent raid placement. Downed elegon last week, will most likely go 6/6 this week. If you're interested whisper me in game or our GM/Raid leader Ltwobeop.
Hey Starr, you might want to check out Primeval, I think we're along the lines of what you're looking for and we just had one of our core raiders step down. We raid two nights a week (830 to 11ish, we normally stop before 11 depending upon where we're at and how much trash is left etc etc) Tuesdays and Thursdays, SOMETIMES we opt to raid on Monday evenings if we feel there is progress that could be made (but that's always put up to public opinion and if you can't make it, no big deal).

We're a relaxed group of friends who prefer to have fun while raiding rather than berserking on each other cause we couldn't kill x boss. Most of the raid is comprised of family members and or couples. If you haven't found a guild yet feel free to /who primeval and ask about joining and we'll get you sorted :).

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