Check out my Rogue pvp video, i hope you all enjoy it. I will be making more today and tomorrow and so one. Thanks for watching!!!!
Not even on our server, but you can do with out the whole graveyard scene and a few things you need to fix when making videos :P
Thanks man, yeah i know this is my first time using this software to i need to do less graveyards
Sony Vegas is what I used to use. Good program, cut scenes, paste them together, so on. Make a few cute overlays for the people.
Good advise, thanks bro
showing raw united footage from the start of the bg and running out to zerker buffs and trying to sap someone but missing is so incredibly boring it's hard to watch, it's 50 seconds of me watching you ride on a mount.
I like when he sapped the priest then stood there for a year and got blinded by pally
Lawl'd when i saw myself in the vid...

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