T/Th/Sun 9 pm All Nighter LF disc (1/13H ToT)

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All Nighter of Lightbringer is a 25 man Alliance guild that raids 3 nights a week (3 hours a night) :

Tues/Thurs/Sun 9 pm - 12 midnight (PST)

We are currently recruiting for dps and heals only:

High priority
Disc priest
Shadow priest

We offer a yell-free environment and use EPGP (a form of DKP that awards attendance) for main spec looting. We use loot council for offspec items to gear raiders that switch roles for the guild.

Since we only raid 9 hours a week, we value people who research fights ahead of time and have great raid awareness. We prefer applicants who are 21 or older who are interested in a long-term guild.

Interested? App at allnighterguild.enjin.com .
We have not had anyone leave over loot since we switched to EPGP a year and a half ago.
Bump for monks and priests!
We prefer raiders that have maxed out their professions. This shows industry!
Most guildies are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.
Our priority at this point is to finish HoF to open Terrace. We are 6/6 regular MV and 4/6 regular HoF. Thanks for asking!
Bump for the shadow priest!
We love shadow priests and we have none!
We have plenty of mages and hunters. We still could use monk dps or a shadow priest.
Currently, we are regularly bringing in F/F.
Bump! Where are all the spriests and monks?
01/05/2013 08:46 AMPosted by Måchine
Bump! Where are all the spriests and monks?

Im here !! Just kidding ...LOL booo 10 more levels
After struggling with the 5th boss in HoF, it was nice to one-shot him last week. Nice job, everyone!
We play for fun and as such, we are a non-yelling guild.
We would still love a shadow priest!
are you still looking for a monk?
If only you started an hour later, I could make it to your raid times....
Yes, Kaisong, we are still looking for a monk. Thank you for asking.

Naerityah, I'm pretty sure there are other guilds that raid later than we do. Just keep your eyes peeled for them!

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