T/Th/Sun 9 pm All Nighter LF disc (1/13H ToT)

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We are looking for long term guildies.
We would really love a shadow priest!
We only have 7 people in the whole raid who is on the tier token for shadow priest.
If only you were looking for an ele shaman I could join :(

Bump for these good people!
Bump for the shadow priest!
Still looking for that shadow priest and not much else!
Bump for the shadow priest!
i have a shadow Priest ilvl 480 16/16 exp and im intrested if you guys are still looking for dps. i can make those raid days/time
Hi Bluntadin,

Sorry for the late reply. Could you send me an in-game email with the name of your shadow priest or post it here? Thanks!
Hello Kayebear ! ,

With much respect to your guild and players I wanted to warn ya about someone who just left my guild and then joined yours .

His name is Biksu .. Alt is Purgatory? ( spelling ) ..

It doesn't bother me when people talk down on my guild or run their mouths about different players what ever it happens. But this player crossed the line. He tried to ruin Valentines day for my loving wife who has been having a great day. I went all out to make sure her day was special.

This scum bad wants to send whispers and then dog her out in trade instead of just leaving the guild . It shows what kind of character and lack of respect he has for others. Fire and Fury might not be the most talented bunch of raiders but ya know what? I 'm proud of them and what they accomplish and wouldnt trade them for anything.

BTW- We suspect he is on a baught account he has heroic kills and didn't even know the fights on regular. So just be cautious this person is bad news.

Sorry to rant on your recruitment thread it just gets to me when someone can go and disrespect a woman on Valentines day.

Take care guys!
Hi Pliny!

Thanks for the heads up. I'll investigate.
Biksu is no longer in guild. He had asked for a social invite to do the alt runs and did not go through our normal app process. I don't know where he went after our guild but I wish your guild the best, Pliny.
Bump for healer!

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