T/Th/Sun 9 pm All Nighter LF disc (1/13H ToT)

If you still needed a healer I would be interested, however I can only make the tues/Sunday night. Thursday is my late night at work, though I can rarely get out early.
Thanks for asking, Kurikon. We really prefer someone who can make all three days regularly. Thursday also tends to be our main progression night with Sunday as clean-up so we would especially need players then.
Thank you ! =)
Are you still looking for healers?
We just accepted an initiate holy priest but we possibly could use a holy pally or resto druid, especially if you have a dps spec as well.
Bump for dps! A mage would be nice -- we currently just have one.
Bump for a resto druid!
We love mages!
Still looking for that mage!
A mage, a mage, my kingdom for a mage!
bump for some ranged
Bump for a shadow priest!
Still bumping for a shadow priest!
Bump for range -- preferably a shadow priest! Mage or boomkin would be fine!
Bump for a shadow priest!
Think we got our mages. Now for a shadow priest!
Bump for the shadow priest! Boomkin would be nice, too.
Looking for a boomchicken experienced in bird mating rituals to distract Ji-kun while we kill her. (Disclaimer: This position may or may not degrade your dignity.)

And a shadow priest...
Bump for the mysterious shadow priest!
We often have to bring in one F/F. We'd love to get in a shadow priest app!

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