T/Th/Sun 9 pm All Nighter LF disc (1/13H ToT)

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I know this is going to seem random, coming from a Horde player on another server, but I have a secondary account with a S.Priest I have been thinking of taking to 90, currently 83. Your raiding schedule fits my schedule perfectly and i'd love to get back into progressive raiding. I just don't want to be a burden, what with having no gear and all that. However, if you all would have me, I would be more than glad to switch to that account, level the Priest, get geared somehow, and start progressing with you all.

It's a shot in the dark for me, but again, I am looking at raiding again, have a perfect schedule and could make it 3/3 nights once I am a bit better suited for the spot. Thanks in advance either way.
Hi Jetboots, we don't gear up new 90s from scratch. If you want to raid with us, you need to come in fairly geared already (if only from LFRs, crafted BOEs, and Valor gear).

We also look to see if you've researched your class on sites such as Icy Veins and that you've studied boss fights on the web (e.g. Fatboss videos on Youtube).

We're currently full on melee, warlocks, mages, and hunters. Your best bet with us would be as a shadow priest or boomkin. You are more than welcome to pst me occasionally to ask what we need if you are looking to raid with us. Thanks and best of luck to you!
Ohai I'm a shadow priest :D try to catch me in game if you still need an spriest I'm pretty sure I can make those times.
Bump for the resto shaman!
Bump for a healer!
Bump for the shammy healer!
Bump! Our shammy healer is moving to Europe. :-(
Hi, I am transferring off a dying server to lightbringer this week.

Are you recruiting a Super Happy Fun Cat (with a sweaty bear offspec)?

You're right at the progression level I want and I was hoping to get into a 25 man raid group (although I love 10 man raiding as well).

iLvL 529 farming lei shen for a while, etc. I'll be on LB within the next few days.
Hi Ghut,

We'd really prefer a boomkin or resto druid. We are also looking for a mage, shadow priest, and ret pally.

Thanks for asking!
We have been running with a couple of F/F for several raids (and still progressing). We would prefer regular raiders!
Bump for healers!

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