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I guess at some point i dropped the quest to unlock him and/or got rid of the tuning fork, and now I can't find the quest giver again to unlock him. Is there any way to find unlock him or find a new tuning fork? When i click the rocks for the avalanche it tells me i need the tuning fork, so I'm stuck. Im almost exalted with the Klaxxi so i know its not a rep issue. Any help would be appreciated =)
Have you looked on wowhead for his location?
It doesn't appear that you are at that particular step at the moment, Meemster.

Most of the NPC's it seems that you need to pick up quests from are Northeast of Kor'Vess. From what I can tell you should need to speak with Boggeo, Lya of Ten Songs, Chief Rikkitun and Olon.

Give those a try.
thank you <3
In my case, I did the quest and freed iyyokuk once (I remember Mama. Unfortunately, he's still encased in amber.
Skajick, you might wanna ask the quests forum.
Rikkitun Village) You can get the quest Fires and fears of Old from Lya of Ten Songs. That quest giving you the item `tuining Fork` to get to iyykuk

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