10m team needs Rdps and a healer

<Undoing> (level 25 guild)
We are a non elitest, casual raiding guild.

Need ranged and a healer to complete our 10m raid team.

Currently run


Warrior x2

The rest are guild fill ins and pugs...
Currently have been plagued with attendance issues... and as of late are only 1/6 MV.

We run Tue/Sun 9pm server. Looking for people that will show up and don't mind wiping. We are a highly competant core, just need more reliablility.

We accept any and all gear/experience levels. We will help gear and potentially do paid server xfers for the right people.

Real ID: jsu24sb@gmail.com or micheleferber10@gmail.com (myself and a co gm) with any questions you may have. Thank you, happy hunting all :D
11/21/2012 12:43 AMPosted by Knoxthewoof
We are a non elitest, casual raiding guild.

are you saying if you're not one of those you are the other?
I added the first ID listed, Id love to touch bases with yall as I am currently looking to realm xfer. So obv I am looking for the "right people" as well. I'd like a stable, long term situation. So anyway, Id love to talk to you and see where yall are at with your raid!

Shamanaid(Look a Fossil!)
forgot to mention, I get out of work mon-thurs @ 9server(PST), and with the current Fire Nerf, I'm looking to play my SP (Barrìcade).

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