Happy birthday to me

I'm 21 wooo

This is not the Facebook wall you are looking for...
Are you drunk already?
11/21/2012 10:23 AMPosted by Dareniun
Are you drunk already?

Nah i had a margarita with my aunt. Tonight going to molly browns from some strippers and coke
Happy Birthday belated. :)
You know what I did for my 21st birthday? I got 17 out of 21 kisses, and on the 18th kiss my friends wife got me a girl to take home. I told her I couldn't get it up and I was combat carried to my truck.

And you are having margarita's with your aunt.

wat a dork lol
Get with crisp and their 25 man raid team and you can share a half bottle of tequila..

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