Severe, intermittent lag?

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I am lagging terribly today. Telstra also up in north Queensland. Fine outside of combat, but once I pull even one mob I can barely kill it the lag is so horrific.
I don't even know why i keep paying for this pathetic service. Oceanic region should be free to play imo.
Anyone know if we use a tunnel does it fix the issue ?

I have a raid Monday night and currently the issue still isn't resolved.

Definately a Blizz/Telstra issue by the looks of it. Spoke with a mate who was raiding and he is with iinet and wasn't having any issues.
As of tommorrow i will be with Internode. Checking out different providers is about all we can do. Try and find something that works.
The problem doesn't lie with Telstra seemingly - other ISP users are reporting the same issue.
Yea i'm moving house though and Internode is the only provider that can offer me ADSL 2+ in that locality even though the exchange is just down the road. Telstra said they can only provide wireless >.<
same problem here. telstra user in adelaide.
been happening for a few days now.
did sha fight and had such a huge world spike i couldn't do anything but stand there being completely useless
Getting this problem too!
I'm with Telstra and live in Tasmania, been getting lag spikes for a few days now.
I cant pvp at all :( :( :(
Happen to me too.
It started last night.
179 home and 3 k world then a few minute later both get went up to 3 k ++ .

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