We have been watching you Rogue....

We have been watching you Rogue, and have taken a interest in your special...talents.

The Guild of the Whispering Shadows is interested in having you join our ranks.
For obvious reasons we cannot specify certain details of our Organization as I am sure you understand.

If you are intrigued with our offer, we can set up a meeting to discuss this further.

~Faelyra Shadowmeld
How many times must I tell you people. I'm a druid not a rogue!
Any rogue you can watch is probably destined to be a warrior or a sushi chef. Just sayin'.... ;)

(and good luck on recruiting)
Watching me are you?!

(( Role Playing Rogues!!! I would love to meet you. I will be in touch.))
As I said before, I'm a druid not a rogue!
Please excuse my friend Clori. She hasn't been right after that Goblin Jumper Cable incident. After this situation we've convinced her to give up playing with electricity and high explosives. She now is quite content to pick flowers and dig in the dirt.

We're still working on the biting and scratching behavior however.
Still looking for a male Gnome Rogue who can speak Draconic so I can test something out. It seems My rogue maintained that ability when he had faction/sex change operation. Would love to test this in a Santuary city.

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