PSA: 2 days left on Black Friday Deals!

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Yeah. But it ends today, so I didn't mention it, but worth mentioning if someone will buy a new graphics card today. Good catch.
Kalg, a 7850 2GB for $150 WITHOUT rebates w/ free shipping

bought that right away :D
And it's sold out already. ;p

Not as good as Gigabyte card though, in terms of quality, OC, and cooling performance.
How much overclocking room do you think the Visiontek card has? Just so when i get it
Not much -- primarily due to temperature, most likely.

Intel Core i5 3570K + MSI Z77A-G43 Motherboard for $180 (after $30 rebate)

EDIT: Sold-out for now (9 minutes after I made this post)
Removed sold out deals.
Added new ones.

Of notable deals:

ASUS is selling Blu-Ray burner combo for really cheap. If you wanted Blu-Ray on your PC, this would be a good time.

MSI B75 board for $40 after rebates

Some more SSD deals, including 512GB Crucial M4 for $350. M4 may not be the fastest kid on the block, but it's hard to find 512GB drives at that price
Removed sold out deals.
Added new ones again.


GTX 560 Ti @ $160, but both are refurbished.

Since you missed out on $150 HD 7850 deal, this is the next best thing offered in that price range.
raidmax 700w modular 80+ bronze for $28 after rebate
NCIX is doing a Cyber Monday deals on limited amount of products. Of note are GTX 650 OC edition and 1 TB drive.

This deal will only last a day.
Looking to build a new computer (playing on a 4 year old macbook pro just isn't cutting it anymore).

I was planning on going with the TL;DR option 3 ( and have already picked up some deals today (1TB HD, 16GB Ram, HyperMaster 212+).

I unfortunately missed the HD 7870 deal :(

Do you have any suggestions from the CyberMonday deals to replace the linked list to continue building?
Also, I do live VERY near a Micro Center if that helps?

What about this card? Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2048MB GDDR5 PCIe 3.0 x16 Video Card

Also, this may be a dumb question but, if I buy an AMD Graphics Card does that mean I need an AMD computer? I've always thought, "I have to go nvidia because I have an intel chipset."
That HD 7850 is too expensive. Standard price for an HD 7850 is lower than that.

And no, you don't need to buy a specific graphics card brand. You can use whichever -- Intel with AMD or AMD with nVidia, it doesn't matter.

If you live near MicroCenter, the deal you can take advantage is CPU + mobo combo. I am not sure if they offer the same deal with AMD however.


TigerDirect is doing a killer deal on i7-3770k: $250, that's almost $100 savings. This deal ends today. They are doing other handful one-day only sales too.
no 670 deal :'(

quick question: I know that a good 500W PSU can run 7950 but will it suffice a slightly OC'd 7950 to match the 670?

And is this a good deal?
Thanks for this list, even though it makes me grind my teeth over deciding what to buy anyway!

Budget-mode and wait, or sales-mode and go for it....curses!

500W should be able to handle slightly OC'd 7950, as long as it's an Intel CPU you are paired up with. I say that because AMD FX CPUs do consume a lot of power, especially if overclocked.

HD 7970 for $360 is a good deal. Too bad you missed out on HD 7970 from NCIX -- that same card was being sold for $340 few days ago.
NewEgg is doing "Encore Tuesday" to continue some deals.
NCIX is also continuing their Black Friday deals up until -tomorrow-

If you haven't gotten one yet, you should... you have two days at most.

I removed one time deals, as well as sold out ones. Added new ones where able.

Of particular note is:

Corsair H60 on NewEgg; with rebate + today-only coupon code, you can get it for $40.

Also Gigabyte HD 7870 is available for $190.

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