[A-25]<RISB>12/14 SoO, 10/13HM ToT LFLock!


We are an alliance 25m raiding team founded May 12th 2011. We are a casual but focused guild. We are looking for additional players to add to our roster in order to strengthen our core. We do not recruit for bench. We are looking for like minded individuals who share a passion for raiding and want to have a good time while clearing content.

Tues/ Weds/ Thurs 8 pm to 11 pm PST (realm time)
Must be 18+
We use a loot council to distribute loot

Our expectations:
* Know your class, know your role.
* Come prepared. Know the encounters do your research.
* Be ready: invites go out, be ready and nearby to zone in.
* Come equipped: have your gear gemmed/enchanted and come bringing your consumables. If you want to have gems and enchants for your upgrades to use immediately (unless required for reforging) all the better. Otherwise wait until break or post raid to setup your lovely new gear.
* Don’t waste our time: we only raid 3 hours for 3 days, unannounced and extensive afks are unacceptable.
* Communicate: life happens, please communicate to your team if you will be afk/ away or need to leave early. We aim for 80% attendance, of course higher is preferred.

Notable milestones:
US 288 ranked for Dragon Soul clear

SoO: 12/14 25
ToT: 10/13HM 25, 12/12N 25
Vaults: 5/6H 25, 6/6N 25, 6/6HM 10, 6/6 10 H Will March 17th 2013
HOF: 2/6H 25, 6/6n 25, 6/6n 10
Terrace - 4/4 (1st boss elite mode)n 25, 4/4 10

We are always accepting skilled and knowledgeable applicants. Even if your class or spec may not be listed we encourage you to apply.

Disc/Holy Priest (both spec capable)- Low
Holy Paladin (ret OS capable) - Low
Monk (with tank or dps os capable)- Closed
Resto Druid- Closed
Resto Shaman - Low

Death Knight (Blood) - Low-Medium
Druid Boomkin - Low
Druid Feral - Very Low
Hunter - Closed
Mage (Fire/ Arcane) - Closed
Monk (with healing or tank os) - Closed
Ret Pally (healing os is a bonus) - Medium
Rogue - Closed
Shaman - Ele or Enh - Low
Shadow Priest - Low
Warlock - Very High
Warrior (Prot) - HIGH
If you have additional questions please contact any of our leadership members listed below or check us out at http://www.risb-guild.com/

Ankhie - Ankhie@live.com or Ankhie#1798
(Alts - Ankhling, Izziebella, Lightbacon, Uiscebéatha)
Other guilds do the same, not just the guilds that are 100+ ranked, I have seen guilds from both 10 and 25 do it. They list what rank they are in the version of raiding, 10 or 25. They are also saying US not World. Following those guide lines, that milestone is correct.

For 25 man raiding back in Dragon Soul, for US, we are 288th rank.
For 25 man raiding, current, we are 290th place.

If you go by both over all ranking, (10 and 25) and people know there are tons more 10's than 25's out there. We are 1317 in Dragon Soul and for current 1616.

(Redid the post.)
Back to the top with updates with progression.
Still looking for more.
Looking to add more to the roster!
Progression as the ten man was updated.
Heroic Feng as 25 man is dead. Video for it should be coming out soon. As I need to start working on it. ><
More Progression!
Hrm I wonder what I should say here.
Even more progression!

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