Twilight Empire RP Event-Charity Auction

The Citizen's Branch of the Twilight Empire is hosting a charity event for all who wish to give back. The details for said event are as follows.

Date: Monday, November 26th

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: Bruuk's Corner (Military Ward) in the city of Iron Forge.

Drinks will be provided for those in attendance.

((The idea behind this is that we will be auctioning off items from the guild vault, the items will be listed in this thread, in the very near future, so you have an idea of what to expect.

- Auction method: C.O.D mail after the auction, the winning bidder and corresponding item noted.

- Prices: Low to moderate, depending on the item.

-The proceeds will be put into the Twilight Empire vault, this goes toward helping guildies for a plethora of reasons. You are not required to make any bids to attend this gathering. ICLY, this event is to benefit those who have suffered the most from the events that occurred in Theramore and the orphanages around Azeroth.

Over all, we just wish to bring a fun event to our friends in the Empire, as well as, our friends scattered about the server. This event is REALM WIDE, so if you wish to bring friends who are not part of the Empire, by all means, do so. ))

((Here is a link for a flier that was created for the event, I am unable to post it onto the site, but feel free to follow the link and check it out. :) ))
((Current Auction List, subject to change.


- Lavascale Catfish stacks (x2)

- Highland Guppy stack (x1)

- Netherweave Cloth stacks (x5)

- Titanium Weapon Chains (x4)

- Stormwine stack (x1)

- Cinderbloom stack (x1)

- Relics of Ulduar (x147)

- Brutal Leg Armor (x1)

- Sha Touched Leg Armor (x4)

RP Supplies:

- Fishy pet (x2)

- Bombay Cat pet x1)

- Elementium Geode pet (x1)

- Tickbird Hatchling pet (x1)

- Sinister Squashling pet (x1)

- Chocolate Cookie stacks (x2)

- Potion of Illusion (x15)

- Deepstone Oil (x15)

- Weighted Jackolantern stacks (x2)

Gear and Plans:

- Ghost Iron Dragonlings (x2) / Lvl 87 Blue Trinkets, Cogwheel sockets.

- Hide Bound Chains (x1) / Lvl 85 Firelands Epic wrist.

- Heavy Geode Mace (x1) / Lvl 81 Blue1h wep.

- Tremendous Tankard O' Terror (x1) / Lvl 85 Epic 1h wep.

- The Needler (x1) / Lvl 55 Polearm.

- Gweneth's Runed Dragonwand (x1) / Lvl 78 Wand.

- Orb of Mistmantle (x1) / Lvl 23 Offhand.

- Mug O' The Hunt (x1) / Lvl 41 1h wep.

- Fire Etched Dagger (x1) / Lvl 81 1h wep.

- Lawbringer Belt (x1) / Lvl 60, Paladin only Epic belt.

- Cloak of Beasts (x1) / Lvl 83 cloak.

- Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel Box. (x1)

- Schematic: Shadow Goggles (x1)

- Schematic: Small Seaforium Charge (x1)

- Forumla: Enchant Weapon, Lifestealing (x2)

- Forumula: Enchant Weapon, Unholy (x2)

- Plans: Thorium Bracers (x2)

- Plans: Thorium Helm (x2)

- Plans: Thorium Boots (x3)

- Plans: Thorium Armor (x1)

Leveling Mats:

- Cinderbloom Stack (x1)

- Blackened Dragonscale (x30)

- Icy Dragonscale (x11)

- ** Arctic Fur (x5)

- ** Pyrite Ore (x13)

- Volatile Water (x60) In stacks

- Volatile Fire (x20)

- Volatile Air (x20)

- Soothesayer Rune (x1) / Darkmoon Faire turn in.

- Fel Lotus (x13)

- Fel Weed (x12)

- Golden Sansam (x18)

- Eternal Water (x1)

- Eternal Fire (x1)

- Eternal Water (x1)

- Eternal Earth (x10)

- Crystallized Water (x7)

- Crystallized Earth (x6)

- Crystallized Air (x7)

- Crystallized Shadow (x6)

- Crystallized Life (x9)

- Saronite Ore (x14)

- Thorium Bars (x10)

- Infinite Dust (x15)

- Small Glowing Shard (x19)

- Small Glimmering Shard (x5)

- Large Glimmering Shard (x5)

- Large Brilliant Shard (x1)

- Small Brilliant Shard (x8)

- Small Dream Shard (x1)

- Dream Shard (x1)

- Small Radiant Shard (x3)

- Large Radiant Shard (x1)

High End Items:

- Spelltwister's Grand Robe (x1) / lvl 90 Epic cloth robe. ))
Saturn, though we definitely appreciate the offer, we have quite a few items to auction off. The event is not really about gaining gold, it's more of getting together for RP. The only donation I wish to see from you is your attendance. ^.^ If at all possible, hope to see you there.
I believe we should charge Saturn to attend because his helmet gives me nightmares.
can i donate your corpse?
Corpse donation...That sounds like a great Hallow's End kinda Horde event thing for Forsaken. \o/
11/24/2012 05:34 PMPosted by Saturn
bet you are regretting that comment about now...

(( Hey! This is tonight! *Bumps* ))
Oh, so you're auctioning off a bunch of hunter gear tonight?

Too bad Ryoka can't make it to this.
11/23/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Erber
- Fel Weed (x12)

I always knew Terrokar was Space-Colorado
...That was intense. I did not quite expect us to get so competitive. Oh dear.

*looks at wallet*
"We of the Twilight Empire would like to thank all whom attended or as well wished to for this charity event. The proceeds will be sent with haste to the numerous institutions lending aid and housing to those distraught due to catastrophes both recent and old. It was the pleasure of the Empire to sponsor an event of good will and see the true eagerness founded toward that goal among one another.

Due to the success of this event will such indeed be repeated during the next month, this season belonging to the spirits of Winter's Veil. Once more shall all be invited to attend, further details to be released as such time nears more so. Happy Pilgrim's Bounty.

- Minister Erber Spellfixer"

(( Heya! This event was an exceedingly fun time and raised an approximate total of 26,855g! This, as described, has been placed within the guild vault and will go a long way to helping guildies in several ways! I did not expect such competition and abundance of mirthful excitement during its happening! We've still plenty of inventory and so will definitely be hosting another such event within the relatively near future! ^_~ ))

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