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So I was messin around doin mount runs, killed Onyxia. When I went to turn in the quest, I just picked most expensive item to sell, when I was done I got a message saying " Reputation with the Tushui Pandaren increased by 150 "

thought that was odd
You can buy a tabard from the dragon turtle vendor that gives you tushui rep from dungeons.

If you were not using the tabard...then it was probably just spillover rep from turning in a quest that gives you general "alliance" rep (those give you rep with all alliance factions).
I think previously, it was with the Alliance, but if you've gotten other Alliance reps exalted, it's only Tushui.

Also, nice guild name.
Probably that quest gives rep with all the Alliance factions, but you're exalted with all of them except Tushui, so you only get the message for that rep.
11/25/2012 01:30 AMPosted by Eucleia
Also, nice guild name.

right on

thanks for quick responses

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