Misnamed emote?

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Good morning! As I'm not quite sure where to put this, I'm going to place it here, because it was through the Mobile Armory that I noticed this today. Feel free to move this thread, if needed.

Someone else may have already brought this up, and perhaps an executive decision was made to leave the name alone, but the "Roundhouse" emote/action is incorrectly named.

1.) The kick is spinning backwards.
2.) The strike is made with the heel.

This is, in fact, a Spin Hook Kick. In a Roundhouse kick, the practitioner still uses the rear leg to attack, however, a complete spin is not achieved. Secondly, the strike is made with the instep of the foot instead of the heel. Thirdly, the motion is made forwards, not backwards. An excellent Roundhouse kick will have snap, and end with the practictioner's heel (front leg) facing the opponent.

As a practicing martial artist who enjoys playing WoW, I felt that I had to bring this to someone's attention. If the name is kept, I understand. However, it *is* incorrect.

Thank you. (:
Thank you for the astute observation. I don't believe we have any intentions to change this at this time, but I will add it to our database.

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