468 Blood DK- looking for the right fit

(Raided up to Cata on my pally : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/anvilmar/Beatzp/simple , stopped playing. Now I am playing my blood dk. Because they are insanely OP and fun.)

Now I just started this character, and am enjoying it. I want to get into a raiding group filled with people that are drama free and cool to play with. I am looking for more casual raiding, preferably 2-3 days a week, around 7-11 pm.

I really don't have experience with raiding on this toon,(aside from 5/6 MSV LFR, if that counts for anything..) but am willing to learn. I do my best to gem and enchant all of my gear properly, and utilize sites like elitistjerks to help myself better understand my character.

If you have any questions or think that I would suit your guild well, just message me in game or post here.

hit me up in game by whisper or in-game mail if you are still looking
if you plan to stick around long term, we'd be interested in you joining our 10m. we haven't yet started heroics so would be open to helping you learn the normal fights & bring you up to our progression level :)

in need for 2 tanks at the moment. we are 6/6msv 3/6hof currently due to busy IRL lives / attendance. We are just needing reliable tanks and we'll be good to go to start heroic mode in MSV.

Here is our currently rotating recruitment forum post if you wanna take a peek: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2674532555

Our raid group is mostly casual progression, enjoy fun times in vent and everyone researches fights and how to maximize dps for each encounter. Ages range anywhere from 19 - 30 somethings. We raid Friday & Saturday 8 - midnight EST server time.

if you'd like to take a look and fill out an application our website is: www.dejaentendu.guildlaunch.com

Hope to hear from you :)

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