<Abyss> 6/6MV 2/6HOF Recruiting for Sat.&Sun.

Abyss (10man Alliance Guild) is recruiting to fill our 2nd 10 man group that will be raiding on Sat. and Sun. Starting at 6:30pm and ending between 9:30pm - 10pm server time.

Classes / Roles Needed :

1 Shadow Priest or Balance Druid
1 Tank with a viable offspec
1 Hunter
1 Priest or Shaman Healer

Required :
- 475 ilvl minimum
- Fully enchanted and gemmed
- Players must be knowledgeable about their class and role. Must be prepared to research up coming progression fights. Must be able to show up on time and prepared to raid with a positive attitude. Experienced raiders preferred but not required. Players also need to be able to work with others toward the common goal. Childish behavior during raids is not acceptable and is not productive for the group to achieve progression.

** If you're interested in joining contact via in-game mail. **
updated class needs
need a hunter, priest or shaman heals, sp or boomkin, and a tank with a viable offspec.

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