Elvui addon not showing up in addon menu

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Hi there, there was a post for this about 1.5 years ago that seemed to yield no result, yet I am experiencing the same problem now.

Not expecting a blue response, I know this is a 3rd party issue. I placed Elvui in the Addons folder (trying first both in its initial parent folder, and then the contents of its folder itself, I am used to installing addons properly, so this generally is not an issue).

When I load up wow and select addons from the character screen, Elvui doesn't show up on the list.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
Likely not properly installed.

you typically get faster addon help when posting in the UI & macro forums located here

it's likely that it's just not installed properly. 1 too many nesting folders. If that's solved remember that you have to COMPLETELY close out wow before trying again as it only loads addon .toc files and indexes what is or isn't installed at time of application launch only. Beyond that, if you still can't get it to work your best bet is to ask in above forums.

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