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Can i have some help i am getting a new gaming desktop and i am willing to spend 200-500 on it and i dont want to have to build it any ideas?
If you won't build and your budget is that limited, your only option is to buy a used PC.
Second with Kalganized. You are not getting a prebuilt PC that will play games at a passable level for $500 or lower.

this wouldnt work?
what wouldnt work about?
No graphics card in that PC (Intel HD 2000 is more or less just for using the PC, not gaming)

how about this i think this one would work wouldnt it?
Barely, unless if you don't mind playing with ~20 FPS -- and that's assuming your monitor isn't 1080p.

And don't ever expect to raid / do sha on that PC.

thats like the only other comp i can find and how would that do?
Lucky to pull 10 FPS

Basically, you have no choice. Either build your own, or buy a used PC -- or up your budget by about $300 if you still want a pre-built that can play games well. Or expect sub-optimal gaming.
is building a comp hard or is it not that bad? cause i don't know very much about comps at all
Building a PC is not a very hard act -- fairly simple too. Go to YouTube and look for PC build guide or something. NewEgg has a comprehensive video on it.

This would probably work. It has a quad core CPU, 8gb of DDR3 RAM, and a 1gb dedicated graphics card. It's not exactly a gaming beast, but it should work.

For comparison, I play WoW on a laptop with a dual core CPU, 4gb of DDR2 RAM, and a 512mb graphics card. Obviously I play with everything set to Low.

Its a little over your price range at almost $600 and doesn't come with a monitor. So take that into consideration. Good luck!

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