Any Home Server-Tablet options?

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We have three regular WOW players in the house, and started a discussion about the expense of keeping up with 'gaming laptops.' (sometimes we play in the basement, sometimes the main room, sometimes in bed, sometime on the porch.... desktops aren't a great option for our style).

The question came up, could we have a 'server' in the house that did the heavy lifting and use a tablet/monitor and keyboard-mouse, instead or the heavier, hotter, cord riddled hassle of a laptop?

Getting enough power in a server is just a matter of balancing money and performance, not much of a technical challenge? BUT, are there any options for a gamer to play WOW/Diablo/Starcraft from a central/remote processer that pushes the video & audio content to multiple displays through a WLAN or other wireless system?

Thanks for your time and thoughts.

Tallpaul - Bladefist
That's basically the idea of a Remote Desktop, and I swear I saw some company making promises about doing that on Slashdot. Basically they'd run the game on their server and feed it to you, but I'm not sure of the name.

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