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Area 52
BraveHearts is a semi-hardcore 10 man raiding guild. We are laid back and looking to have fun while clearing content. We are in need of a tank and heals. If interested whipser Obsidianreyn (GM), Demigawd (Officer) or Hurtlocker (Officer). Some of us have been raiding together or have known each other for a long time and were trying to build a good core group to clear content, but help each other out to get better.

Raid Times
T/W 8-11pm Server (Eastern)
M 9-11pm Server (Eastern)
We may sometimes start early on Monday at 8pm only if everyone is available that day. We will provide advanced notice and make sure people can attend.

We prefer someone with a 470+ itm level that has some raiding experience.

You can use my battle tag to reach me as well Hurtlocker#1260.

LF prot pally, dk or warrior tank preferred. Prefer pally, druid or shaman heals as well. Willing to consider other classes. However, we need people who can show up to raids.
Still need a tank and dps.
did someone say BUMP!!?!!??
if you are looking for a rogue. iLvl 473 combat rogue 3/6 exp in MSV.
Sorry Nonosom, we found our melee. We just need a tank and heals.
Sent a message to you while you were in raid. I would like to inquire about the tank spot. battle tag is happyglobe#1516

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