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Looks like this backfired a lil more than one way....I like whoever said "... But to be excluded from content because of gold or faction dominance is dumb!". I agree with this alot, I understand what this guild was meant to do, but there's too much turmoil that made it backfire, everyone pays the same amount of money a month to play this game , and using "gated content" for people "better" than others is just totally wrong. It's a game...not the movie.
I'd like my gold to be refunded and the Brawler's Guild invite to be taken away.

CRZ ruined this feature like it's ruining a lot of others.
I'm glad to see everyone crying about it. Nothing blizzard does is ever good enough for any of you, yet you still keep paying for the game and crying about it like someone else is doing you an injustice.

Here's a thought, stop paying for something you hate so much, you'll have a better day.

Anyways, have a bid on one at 10k right now, 3 of them at 1k.

The first one on the server here allegedly went for 92k. The second for 60. Substantial? a little bit. Gold cap? Far from it. Easily obtainable amount of gold. Days later, prices are dropping significantly.

Quit crying about everything in your life and do something about it.

@Gorgon, Boo hoo CRZ. Life sucks when you can't do everything you want instantaneously.
You obviously weren't in the 3-4 hour + queues last night between fights, take your elitist attitude somewhere else, as a paying customer I'm allowed to voice my opinion on the product I'm paying for when players are misled about it's implementation.
The arena is just filled with foul mouthed immature 12 year olds anyway that wont step in the arena but love to talk should give us the option to throw someone in for too much talk and not enough walk.
You obviously just started playing the game last night if you think rough implementations are out of the norm.

I don't have an elitist attitude, I have a realistic attitude. Blizzard has never put anything out that's been perfect with it's initial launch. Hell, none of their products are perfect as it is. Why would this be any different? Why would you expect it to be any different?
Because when Brawler's Guild was announced they left out the fact CRZ would be involved. There's nothing "tight knit" and it's lacking the "community" they used as ploys for the feature.

It seems most of the feedback with CRZ has been negative, and it was implemented riddled with the bugs that plagued it for months in the beta/PTR. So "rough"?

Maybe "elitist attitude" was the wrong thing to say, perhaps "white knight" is more appropriate. If you haven't even experienced what's being discussed then your opinion is invalid at this time.
Murlocholmes, didn't Nethaera ask for people to post their thoughts about the guild? That's what people are doing... I'm sorry that you have all day to farm gold Mr 14k achievement point. Some of us dont have the privilege to have as much gold as you do because we work alot. Now, this could maybe be an idea....

Honorable Kills - Say maybe one could show up in your mailbox if you have 100k+ HK's? If you choose not to do it, no harm no foul right?

Raids - Well this is PvE battles, so maybe if you have all raids complete up to pre-MoP, maybe have one get slipped in your mail from an unknown source :P.

Just a couple thoughts....back to farming I guess.
I have. I have more than one account. Now I'm doing this one and raising the prices on all the invitations right now as I keep getting outbid. And don't get me wrong, I'm not meaning to be elitist/white knightesque, though I clearly understand how I come off as it.

And yeah I know how terrible CRZ is. It's a shoddy 'feature' they put in place to pacify the need to merge realms together like every other MMO has done. It's ruined farming for me at some points, it's ruined my search for rares at others. Now though, there's a massive over abundance of mining/herbing nodes anywhere I go. So at least it seems to be smoothing over a little bit anyways.

I'm off work for a couple days injured and I figured I'd see what the invite status is for other people sending them out. This was the first thing I stumbled upon. And I mean, you do have to admit... it is pretty funny when you take a browse through these forums. People really do complain about absolutely EVERYTHING like it's the greatest injustice in the world.
Murlocholmes, didn't Nethaera ask for people to post their thoughts about the guild? That's what people are doing... I'm sorry that you have all day to farm gold Mr 14k achievement point. Some of us dont have the privilege to have as much gold as you do because we work alot. Now, this could maybe be an idea....

50 hours in 4 days at my job. Not all achievements take time, just coordination... or what everyone seems to call "skill"

It's not a privilege to have gold, either... just start up a toon you only use for the auction house, mail absolutely everything you get to that character, and sell everything you get. With discretion of course, if it's at a super low price and not worth selling, just vendor it.

5 days played at level 90 so far, most of that has been AFK. Last expansion, before I had started work, I had something like 120 days played. Schedules change, but don't make assumptions that because I have a lot of achievement points and gold to spend that I don't do anything. Some people just have a system worked out that they use in their favor.
I am so dissapointed with CRZ right now. It did not affect me very much until I got my brawlers guild invite. I got there pretty quick and got one fight in but soon the Que was over 2+ hours. There were so many people there that I ruined any kind of exclusive feeling. People were int the que from probably 20+ realms. I logged off after standing there for 2 1/2 hours waiting.

I'm sorry but CRZ is a horrible feature that is an excuse for low-pop servers. Just merge servers already and be done with it, or make certain features like the brawlers guild Server exclusive.

I have a very bad feeling that the implementation of CRZ prohibits them from making certain places CRZ exclusive. That is why the new fishing tournament can have 3 winners. It may be that server architecture has been upgraded to the point that they cannot remove CRZ from the game and now we are stuck with a horrible feature that I'm guessing 90% of the paying customers don't want.
Every MMO over the years has went through a phase where they needed to merge servers. EQ did it when I was competitive raiding on it. But theirs wasn't a big deal because they made sure only the lowest pop servers were merged and were completely upfront about the merging. It actually improved the servers. This cross realm crap has definately not. They are trying to merge too much together with that.

Gating content behind gold is still undisputedly horrible design. While I do have good cash flow and will buy my own invite. A large amount of people do not and people shouldn't be excluded from content on the sole basis that they didn't have the cash flow. Exclude people for lack of skill or lack of time invested....not lack of farming gold.

Also the misleading information running around about how the invites function in regards to being able to invite other people is ridiculous and needs to be addressed so we all know how it is supposed to function and why it is different than some of the information out there.

WoW is ten times the game EQ ever was but sadly Sony's implementation of new features and testing of new features before they were released and information out about new features was head and shoulders above blizzard. I really love this game and its really sad to see it being ran into the ground like this with 2 hours a day of dailies and good ideas that are taken and implemented in absolutely terrible ways. Brawlers was a great idea and could be a tremendously fun thing! Its implementation thus far has been some of the worse i've ever seen though.
Well.. I got the invite from the BMAH, they were all going from about 50k to 125k gold for a win. So off I went to find the Brawlers hall. When ya get there, its cross realm. This means everyone and their grandmother or kitchen sink is signed up for a 1 person arena to battle an NPC. Its actually quite fun to do, and I'm glad they did it. The catcher is that be prepped to wait anywhere from 20min to 1hr+ just to get into 1 battle. The other thing is, if you leave, you leave the Q. So that means your parking your toon at this place scratching your mouse button doing squat. It needs improvement, and I'm sure WoW will garner enough info to fix it. Such as multiple battlegrounds??? Hint Hint. Other than that, thanx for the great idea. Its fun.. when ya get the chance to do it.
So, if you get an invite by whatever means, are you able to invite your other toons? If so, both factions?
11/29/2012 11:04 AMPosted by Bigisdikus
So, if you get an invite by whatever means, are you able to invite your other toons? If so, both factions?

No one can get to level 7 to answer that question because of the long queues between fights......
i havnt got a clue on this whole scenario and it's becoming annoying that there isn't any actual information on the quests.
11/29/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Téara
i havnt got a clue on this whole scenario and it's becoming annoying that there isn't any actual information on the quests.

It is not a quest. You get a blood soaked invitation from a drop, bmah or invite from someone who is rank 7 in the brawler's guild. You then go into the arena get insta queued for your first fight and wait hours for your next fight (and your queue gets pushed back everytime someone queues up for their first fight). After 3 fights I was still rank 1.
Had to farm the rares, but after 2 days and 48 kills I finally got mine. Also got 9k honor saved up from those honorable commendations so it was worth it.
TBH Blizzard has done somthing fun and awesome with the Brawlers arena but it is also bad. People with the gold going to the BMAH to buy the invite, that makes those with the gold spend to shorten the amount of gold they have but then they still might have alot more to spend. Then you have those who want it bad enough they will go out and buy gold from sites. To add those who are in the Brawlers will probly be only inviting there good friends and/or selling it to make more money.
It makes it hard for players who WANT to join Brawlers hard to when they dont have the gold or no one that will give them a inv from there guild.

Good thing about Brawlers: New content, fun things to do, new items to gain
Bad thing about Brawlers: Players who will be selling invites for crazy amounts of gold and/or buying the invite from the BMAH to get in and no one to invite them from their guild or has it in there guild.

Blizzard should of made it a Guild Achv so that it makes Guildies work together to earn the right to get in. To access the invitation you buy it from the Guild vender, which i think it makes it fun for players to access in the brawlers.

Its sorta unfare for those who dont have the gold to go to the BMAH to buy the inv and/or hope that they have a guild mate who has it and will give them a inv

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