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Is there any other way to get the invitation besides from the BMAH or a inv from someone? Like a Drop or something
There were about 20 invites on the BMAH to start with and they were all 50k or more with 6hrs to go so would've gone for a lot more (maintenance ends at 3-4am on Oceanic servers so I wasn't awake to see). There's another 12 or so now. The price is not my problem. If I could go to a vendor and pay for it I would.

The major problem with this is that only a small fraction of players get to use the feature. And before you say "it's the same with <insert feature here". No, every other feature in the game is available if you want to. Want to progression raid? Fine, find some time and join a raiding guild. Want to arena? Easy, find some teammates and PvP. Up to this point it's been our time and/or skill that has locked parts of the game away. This is entirely different. Now the bulk of players are paying full price for a product they can't fully use. For me it's not about the money, I've been looking forward to this since I first heard about it and I can't use it because of the completely failed implementation.

And now I hear from the few people that actually do get to do it that queue times are ridiculous. For SOLO play!!

If the thing is designed such that it can't handle lots of people doing it, then the design is flawed and should be changed. Fast.

I honestly don't care if people can see me do it and I don't want to stand around watching other people. This relentless pursuit of 'community' has become more important than actual game play. This is a game, if I want to talk bollocks with strangers I'll go to the pub. Remove this shared zone component, make it phased like everything else, remove CRZ from the area (and the entire game while you're at it), refund gold to the people that paid for it and give everyone an invite - problem solved.

I don't usually complain about stuff like this, I've loved pretty much everything they've ever done in this game. I mean yeah, CRZ bothers me, but it doesn't stop me getting access to an entire feature of the game like this does. It means I'm probably never going to get a Scourged Whelpling (for example), but I can still use the Pet Battles feature.

I'm starting to think the people in charge of decisions like this don't actually play the game anymore. I'm sure they used to.

If this is the way things are going. I'm out of here. It's the only thing that has ever made me consider cancelling my subscription.
Its easier for the Alliance to get these because the Horde NPCs are in undefended easy to access locations.
Blizzard seriously should of made it easier to get into the Brawlers because you pay to play this game. Players have put a lot of money to play this game and to access things from the blizzard store but to put something into the game that only people with a lot of gold can only access and locks out the feature of some of the new boa's out to players who cant join the brawlers because they dont have the gold to buy the invatation. Should of done it some other way to access the Brawlers by Guild Vender with Achv or a set amount of gold that isnt something that is super high but not cheap either so many others can join.
Brawlers guild is Blizzard sancioned elitism, nobody is interested in being able to watch others do single player content if we want to watch someone doing PVE stuff we can anywhere in the world players are .
To think anyone would be happy just watching some stranger do content thats locked out to most through the high price then your smoking something funny and its effecting your judgement
We all want content we dont want to watch others doing PVE is stupid and wont be used at all the only people who are watching are those stuck in ques waiting for their turn to play we wont be cheering them on.
Epeen may be important to Blizzard but us players just want to play we dont pay to watch others doing solo stuff.
Whoever thought this would be in any way usefull to the community has no idea why we PLAY an mmo rather than just watch a movie of others pplaying we got utube for that
This is rubbish content not a spectator sport
You can tell who is a member by looking at their achievements. When I applied my invitation today I got an achievement from it.

Also you cannot invite anyone to the guild until you are rank 7 at this pointy from what I have found. Then at rank 7 I believe you are allowed to invite one person. When I get to that rank I will consider trying to sell my invite and try to recoup the 65k I spent on the BMAH.
10 BMAH invites a day is not even close to exclusive and allows WAY too many people in way too quickly.

10 to start then 1 - 2 invites a day on BMAH and keep the rare spawn NPC drops.
dont be so hasty to get into brawler u just get in queue for hour to fight 10sec the 10sec are nice but the wait time not worthing it
I believe the reason why these invitations are so hard to obtain is not to appeal to the hardcore gamers. If you had not noticed, when someone queues to fight in the ring at the Brawlers Guild you will have to wait in line and wait for people ahead of you to do their fights.

Now imagine that, and everyone on your server queuing up and waiting to fight.

If you thought the wait time for battlegrounds, dungeons, or raids were bad. The queue to fight in the ring of the Brawlers guild will make the other queue times appear to be incredibly short.

I think this is blizzard's way of regulating the traffic and to stop everyone on the server to flood the queue line, having players possibly wait many hours to have a shot in the ring.

I believe as time passes, blizzard will progressively make it easier to get these invitations.

I just disagree with the method on how they are doing this. One of the things blizz is trying to achieve is trying to get the entire player base to be able to experience all of the games content. Blizz created the raid finder for this exact reason. The current method they are doing this is counterproductive to that goal and discriminates against the casual players who do not have the time to accumulate that much gold or have enough leisure time to camp the rares spawn points at their enemy faction's base for hours on end for the slim chance of the invitation dropping.

My suggestion is to give both factions a daily quest chain, and once that quest chain is completed much like the Golden Lotus quest chain you are awarded a chest with gold inside. Which also has a chance of dropping the invitation. Something along those lines.

They just need a new method that gives both hardcore and casual gamers an equal chance of getting these invitations, which is also effective in limiting traffic into the guild to prevent players flooding the queue to fight and heavily inflating the queue and making wait times very long.
so...just curious if there is any plans to remove CRZ from this place? its the second day and we already have ~40 minute queue times in between fights, in 1 week its going to be well over 2 hours for 1 fight.
When can we have the black market ah back?
Well, if their goal was to get as few players as possible to do this, I think they will succeed. The whole hassle seems completely not worth it to me.
Several in my guild pooled resources to get one of the invites from the BMAH the first day for one of our most loyal officers, with the intention that the invite would be spread throughout the guild. There has been immense interest, and we figured that by pooling our resources we could get more of us into the Brawler's guild. Sadly, we did not realize at the time that each person would only get to invite one other, ever. And our officer is finding the bosses challenging, and with waits up to 45 minutes plus a few dc's that made his queue reset.....he is rank 4 now. So it will be a long time before most of us will be able to join the Brawler's Guild.

And the officer is feeling stressed and pressured, and unhappy that the only thing he can do for now is these fights, because he feels he owes it to the guild. All in all, I'm wishing we hadn't done this, even though in theory, it's something many of our guildies would enjoy.

TL-DR: regretting the decision to fork over that gold.

edit: latest report, wait time is 1.5 hours for a quick fight. wow
Now that I've actually (1)seen an invitation drop and (2)hung out at the Brawler's Guild area for a bit, I'm back to happy and excited. Thanks for adding the invitations that drop. At the moment, we have about three realms CRZ'ed with ours down there. Wait times aren't too terrible for us, but I see it is for others. I hope the CRZ aspect will continue to be tuned so that wait times are lowered across the board.

*goes back to farming for my invite*
Never had I raged so hard killing the rarespawns, after seeing 4-5 people spawncamping the only THREE that spawn. the 5% seems too low for the 1hr it takes for them spawn AND the people who steal the kill.

Blizzard, I just want you to know, that you're going to find a lot of unhappy people with this.. myself including, because I love PvE content, especially 1v1 stuff. Good idea.. just fix it for those who pay to play this game.
@Nebliina your officer is a terrible player, i 1 shotted every boss to rank 6 with no trouble at all and i have seen just about every other class have no problems what so ever, its not blizzards fault that your guild sucks.

@Scherzando thank GOD that its a low drop rate, we already have to wait 20-40 minutes just to have 1 fight and its only been out for ~3 days, if the drop rate was higher or the spawn rate was higher we would have roughly 5 hours queue between fights and it would be depressing as hell. The invites were announced a long time before the actual release, if you were as dedicated to pve content as much as you say you are you could have simply farmed (or played AH) to get 50-100k and just bought an invite. Alternatively you can wait 1 week and they will be selling for a mere 5-10k
100+ kills guaranteed and have seen 1 invitation drop which was then Master Looted by some jackass who invited me to the group right as i tagged the rare. If that isn't bull!@#$ then nothing is.
how can players invite other players to the guild?

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