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They should look at the oldest and still active characters, invites should go to them first.
It's a fun thing to do. In a video game; imagine that.

Sure I can see that, maybe I'm not being clear. I don't understand why people are so pissed that it may end up costing them a fortune (with fake currency) when there is no real gain to be had. Unless completeing it advances your toon in ways that can be done through raiding, dungeons, dailies and so on. I just don't see what the fuss is about.

Are people really getting upset over being able to have bragging rights over soloable content that has no real reward?

wanna bet? i know someone right now that s gold capped on 10 toons and working on gold capping a second account....wanna try that again?
How long do you think he's going to be willing to keep that up? A few days? Weeks? Months? Do you really think he's going to want to blow his whole wad just to keep the entire realm out of the brawlers guild?

Wish him luck for me.


Not to mention, this is a general whole lot of crying. People are assuming that other players are going to really go out of their way to cockblock others from the brawler's guild for a long period of time -- they're not. Especially with the removal of the Realm First achievement -- they're simply not.

Also, why are people complaining that there's some content for the hardcore AH grinder? What, just because their playstyle does not suit you they can't have ANYTHING? How many things are released SPECIFICALLY to cater to the diehard AH player? And how many updates are released for everyone else? Even if diehard AH players are only 1% of the playerbase, it makes sense that 1% of updates should cater to them, no?

Not even saying this does cater to them -- this caters to everybody. Rich players who love solo content and are good enough to excel at it WILL pay hand over fist for these invitations early on. Pumping so much gold out of the economy helps make the poor players (presumably: you guys) 'richer' in the sense that deflation makes your gold more valuable. You will still get entry, albeit maybe a week or two later. Will it kill you to wait a week or two? Are you in BiS raid gear, BiS pvp gear, with all achievements, all pets, all mounts, etc and have literally nothing else to do in the game for those two weeks? Even if you were, I'd tell you to spend those 2 weeks learning how to AH effectively so the next time something like this comes up you wouldn't have to wait 2 weeks.

You guys should check out Louis CK's skit on "Hilarious" about how everyone wants to do their FAVORITE THING RIGHT NOW, and they won't settle for anything less. Then you should head over to and read about "unpleasable fanbase," because you are fitting the cliches.
11/27/2012 10:10 AMPosted by Taladruid
Are people really getting upset over being able to have bragging rights over soloable content that has no real reward?
Maybe you're not familiar with these forums; people will get upset over anything. ;-)
11/27/2012 09:55 AMPosted by Nethaera
Whoa Whoa Whoa Nethaera, the first rule of the brawler's guild is... you don't talk about brawler's guild.

What can I say... I'm a rebel. ;)

/forms mob

And also, if there isn't something that can legitimately identify people in the guild, what is stopping anyone from trolling trade chat giving out "invites".
Someone could say they have the invite, I pay say 20k and no invite.

Assuming this will be a trade-able item, don't click the "complete trade" button unless the item is being traded.
11/27/2012 09:56 AMPosted by Taladruid
So whats the point to this guild? Bragging rights? If so no one will care if you solo soloable content.

So in your eyes, people that go for for world first in 10/25 man raids do it for something other then bragging rights?

Because no one will care if you 10 or 25 man 10/25 man content........
11/27/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Nuruh
no patch video? we always get video on major content patches. Besides that is this all we getting update on pets and brawler thing, some outside pvp thats it?. I probaly do outside pvp but i know brawler thing out of my reach so thats most of the patch i wont be able to do.

That's what WoW seems to be about nowadays. They release mounts like the Vial of the Sands, Engineering and JC mounts that cost a ton of money to get... and then a content update that half of the entire patch is based around those few people who can afford to do it.

Just another way for them to get us to mindlessly farm gold.

VoS, engineering/jc mounts, etc take little effort. I put in less than 10 minutes per day doing anything AH related and I have 2 engineering mounts, a vial, mechano hog, about half a million gold, the expedition yak, etc. It takes almost no time/effort if you spend a bit of time doing research and constructing a business model. Am I not supposed to have anything to spend my gold on? Is that what you want? Awfully selfish of you.

And those things are made to pump gold out of the economy. When gold is pumped out of the economy, the gap between poor and rich is narrowed. It's that simple.

What I don't understand is the no-work-all-reward mentality you clearly have. If someone worked for their gold or worked for an advantage, why do you feel that they don't deserve it? I'm certain that in real life you don't feel that way at all: if/when you get/got high grades in school, did you feel those high grades should be given to someone else who got low grades? If/when you go to work, do you feel that people who don't work as hard as you deserve promotions? If/when you practice a hobby, say skateboarding, do you feel people who put less time/effort into skateboarding should be equal or even better skateboarders?
don't you guys see that the brawler's guild is just another step in their grand scheme to delete all the bot farmed gold out of the economy?
I think the Invite is an actual, tradeable item.
Ok, after reading the patch notes in the down loader screen I get it.
Hoping for an invite, this is such a cool idea!
11/27/2012 09:56 AMPosted by Nazzgul

It is an either you know someone, or if you have obscene amounts of gold. Sounds pretty elitist to me.

^ this
Hmm gonna be exciting!
So what they are saying is, A) You need tons of gold to get an invite to content your paying monthly for(the elite of the elite and gold farmers will be the only ones winning invites). B) Hope the RNG is kind to you and just maybe youll get an invite to drop. C) Hope to heck you can find someone, Anyone< to invite you to it if they were lucky enough to either buy their way in or get a drop. I mean bad enough we have a tone of more dailies, so our choices after having gotten all the rep, and done your raids during the week(or just after maint )is More dailies? No Brawlers Guild unless your mega rich or lucky or know someone kind enough to invite you?(Yah right on the last point, the rude factor in this xpace has increased 1000 fold so GL) Kind of seems like a crappy way to get into content you've bought into when you shelled out $40 for the expansion.

Wonder where all the fake money from the black market AH goes? Admins? Welfare upkeep on the realms? LOL.

A.) 10k isn't what I'd call "rich".
B.) Blaming RNG when you've yet to see the "real" droprate
C.) get a "Rich" friend.

Rambling Misspelling and Inconsistencies-What is the point of playing a game without challenge or the chase? I don't do dailies and I don't even raid yet, I've found plenty to do this expansion. My biggest complaint right now is the amount of botting going on.

The removal of the fake money combats inflation much like repair costs and mounts and training. If you think the game is for the ultra rich now, imagine it without the systematic removal of gold. People with 1M would be common.
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