[H]<Adaptation> 10m LF Tanks and Heals!

We are now recruiting Tanks and Healers for our 10m group!
Preferred Classes: Blood DK/Prot Paladin and Resto Shaman/Holy Priest

Currently 1/12 ToT

<Adaptation> is neither hardcore nor a casual guild. While we don't expect you to be best on the server, we do expect your best when you come to raids. Though we do understand that everyone has a life outside of WoW (alright not everybody back off, jerks) we do ask that your average schedule has room for our raid days and times.

If you're just looking for a friendly bunch of deadbeats, we are level 25 and open to inviting casual players. If you're just interested in joining for joining's sake, casual PvP, or even just a place to level, send someone in the guild a tell and we'll toss you an invite.

Only raiders are required to apply through our website.

Our guild started on another server in November, 2010. We raided everything from Lich King to Dragon Soul and are now recruiting once more for Mists of Panderia. We do genuinely wish to have a group of guild members that work together and communicate as a team. That being said, we do not permit any kind of drama, he-said-she-said, or any such shenanigans. Speaking for all us, I can safely say that we want you to enjoy coming to raid as much as we do. But, at the same time when it comes down to progression, vent has to be clear and everyone needs to be focused.

We raid three days a week, so we do need all of our people to be ready to go as soon as our raid time starts. This means coming with flasks, food, pots, whatever you may need, fifteen minutes before raid so invites can be sent out and you can make your way over to the raid entrance. At this time we cannot provide the flasks and food 100% of the time. While we do have a good amount of feasts, we would appreciate it if you didn't rely on us for all your raiding goods and brought food of your own, just in case. If you would like something from the guild bank, ask our Banker Tumbly about the item in question.

Your trial period will be two weeks. During those two weeks (saving an emergency which we obviously can't fault you for) you must attend all of the raids in your trial period. At the end of your trial period you will be spoken to by one or more of the Officers where anything from attitude to gear may be covered. After your trial period is over, we will still be watching all our raid members and expect everyone to stay on top of their class. From Mr. Robot to SimCraft to patch notes, we do expect you to make your character the best it can be from widely available tools.

If you rage quit a raid you will be immediately removed from guild.

Now if you still haven't been scared off by now, our guild members do have a very coarse sense of humor, but we do like to have fun. If you are uncomfortable with sarcasm, swearing, or somewhat inappropriate comments, please find another guild. We like to joke around and it is best not to take anything personally that is being said. This does not, however, include passive-aggressive jabs at fellow raid members. On a related note, we do have pride in our guild tag and if you are found trolling in trade or someone has made a complaint against you to one of our Officers, you will be put on suspension.

And if you've made it to this point safely and with sanity still in tact, <Adaptation> would be much obliged if you went to our guild website...

or contacted one of our Officers in-game about our recruitment.
    Hyperdeath, Ceralain, Tumbly, or Sitaari

If you cannot reach anyone, again, you can go to our website and on the Contact Us page you will find a form that you can fill out with any questions or your application. The application can be completed by answering the questions alongside the box. The website is the quickest and most reliable way to contact us. Although I've said it before and I'll say it again, please do not ask me anything on this forum. I do not monitor it often enough to give you a timely response to any of your questions.

Our current raiding schedule is 7PM - 10PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Bump for recruitment! Come, join us! We're laid back, friendly, and refuse to allow petty drama!
Lol that's one way to put it xD
Yay, I'm not included in people to contact. Suck that Adam!!!!
11/27/2012 01:57 PMPosted by Jamari

True that!
Do dee dooooo!
Well, this is very exciting o.o
Recruit updated
Updated, recruiting again!
Woops overshot recruitment, fixed lol
Uuuupdaaaateeeed again <.< >.>
im currently looking for a guild but can only raid until 9:30 mayb push it to 9:45 if i speed all the way to work
Now serving Tanks and DPS, any Tanks and DPS?
Raids resuming on Tuesday thank god lol
Raid night whee!
There is a strong possibility that I may need a new guild in the coming weeks due to implosion, if you're still looking for tanks. I'd be willing to attempt the trial period if it doesn't require me to leave my current guild until I successfully complete it.

As a nursing student, I have clinical days on Tuesday. This does not prevent me from raiding but may mean that sometimes I might be late to Tues night raid only, if traffic is bad after my shift. My college is awesome and I'm on break till the 28th, so this is a good time for me to attempt the trial period. Tues/Thurs are my best days for anything you want to do related, as my current raid days are Weds/Fri. I am married but besides having an awesome wife I have minimal outside commitments of wow for at least this month, and my schedule is pretty consistent.

If not myself, if you need some other people, there are a few good players from this raid team that might be salvageable if you jump on them fast.

Feel free to hit me up in game if you're interested.

EDIT: Posted app on website. I'm not sure if you need a tank or just a dps, I'd prefer to tank if possible, but I'll still apply as dps, though I'm less competitive that way.
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