Redbelly Mandarin Schools missing?

I decided to go fish up the last Redbelly Mandarin I needed to max my cooking out and flew to Jade Forest. Not a single school. It was only Jade Lungfish as far as the eye could see. Up and down the rivers, in the lakes....even went to the ocean to cross my fingers and nothing.
Checked Valley of Four Winds and Vale of Eternal Blossoms and nothing.

Did you get rid of the pools? Did you move the pools to a new zone? Do I really need to fish 100+ Jade Lungfish pools to force the other ones to come out? Cause I'm telling you, this doesn't seem right.
I noticed the same thing. Had to fish in open water to get the Redbelly's I needed
Same here. Would have been nice back when I needed Jade Lungfish and couldn't find any pools. Looks like I'll be using Jade Lunfish for tokens to buy the Redbelly Mandarin I need to finish leveling cooking.
I'm having the same problem. Since when did patch day scare away the fish?
Found some by chance while fishing in Townlong Steppes. Pool to the right of the Ox Gate. But you're correct, there are no nodes to speak of anywhere that I've seen, but I have yet to get through Townlong and Dread Wastes. I seem to remember fishing some nodes about 2 weeks ago when I first hit Jade Forest, but now, bupkus.

According to WoWpedia: "Redbelly Mandarin have a high chance to be caught from Redbelly Mandarin Schools, which can be found in Vale of Eternal Blossoms and in the inland waters of the Jade Forest and Townlong Steppes. They also have a common chance to be caught when fishing in open water in Vale of Eternal Blossoms or open freshwater in the Jade Forest or Townlong Steppes with high enough fishing skill."

I haven't seen any nodes, but I have 600 in fishing.
I don't know why this change was made, but it was a terrible move. I just spent 2 1/2 hours and found zero pools. This is a game, which is supposed to mean it's fun. Hunting for 2 1/2 hours for something you need for a simple skill up is not fun. I hope more intelligent heads will prevail and this nerf will be reversed.
Maybe an unintended side effect to the Herb/Ore node nerf?
Experiencing the same thing. Only pools I've found are in Vale near the capital cities.
There were a few Redbelly pools sprinkled in with the others in the Vale prior to 5.1 going live... not sure if they're still there though.
There is definitely not a single Redbelly Mandarin pool in the Jade Forest. This is a very bizarre nerf (what, too much Redbelly Mandarin flooding the markets, really?)
I was able to find a couple of pools in the Vale, and also one in Townlong Steppes (near the bridge, in the south of the zone). I guess I'll try fishing open water in the Jade Forest.
Pretty sure they removed them from the Jade Forrest.

Seems the Vale of Eternal Blossoms will have them though.
Maybe its like some types of fish in Northrend - Mandarin schools will only appear when several Lungfish schools have been fished out.
From what I understood, Redbelly shared spawn locations with Lungfish. A guildy and I were talking about this a week ago after I couldn't find any Redbelly schools.
I just fished in the river in Jade Forest, near Forest Heart. Not in any pools. fished for 45 minutes and caught 79 fish. a mix of the carp, lungfish and redbellys. Of those 20 were Redbelly Mandarin - 25.3 % rate.
I just read on Eli's website that the redbelly's were REMOVED FROM POOLS in 5.1.
Would have been nice if some blue would have come in to clarify things, I saw no patch note on it but that's par for the course. Love it. They make it a slow death-grind to gain the rep for all this cooking horse!@#$, then they decide to screw you trying to get all the crap.
I don't have max fishing yet (only at about 400), and this lack of redbelly pools is gonna really make me cranky. They're so rare to fish that there weren't even any in AH on Hyjal the past couple of days...and considering you need 50 of them to max cooking, it's kinda ridiculous.
It looks to me like the schools for Jewel Danio in the Vale of Eternal Blossom share spawn points. I could only ever find Redbelly Mandarin after farming all the Jewel Danio and coming back later.
The Redbelly schools still spawn at the lake next to niuzao temple in townlong steppes sometimes.

That pond is where their schools spawn, and you'll often have to fish out the salmon pools to get the mandarin pools to spawn. Also check with Ben of the Booming Voice at Halfhill in case they're the fish of the day (or it's something else that's worth fishing to convert to groceries).
10/10/2015 02:08 PMPosted by Amahra
The Redbelly schools still spawn at the lake next to niuzao temple in townlong steppes sometimes.

This is true. don't know why it was down voted. I flew thru late last night, and the lake had several pools at once.

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