JoinBattlefield -- how do we use it post 5.1?

UI and Macro
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Tiny for prez.
Bump for a fix.
Seriously? demands and orders. Wow Bunch spoiled little bratz
11/28/2012 02:22 PMPosted by Glítch
Tiny, You still do not understand. Your not improving the casuals gaming experience.. Your destroying it.. Millions of people will never read this forum. Millions of people will never know the addon exsist.. This addon is not improving everyones gaming experience it is destroying the casuals gaming experience while making you all feel good about yourselves..

if millions of people will never know about the addon... then it will have NO significant impact on BGs

then why not allow for it?

(obviously, if you're being intellectually honest, you would have to concede the point)
11/28/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Dekanteg
You're taking the random out fo random, making it more like rated bgs where you form entire groups but you are playing against random put together groups so you will/should always have an unfair advantage

the 'random' in random battleground is about randomly selecting the battleground and has NOTHING to do with the players

premade groups, which can be created by both sides and everyone can join or create, has NO impact on which battleground is selected

as for group composition... blizz should only worry about making each sides viable. if a premade group decide to forget healers... that's up to them
Thanks for the work Tiny, you are literally the reason I am still playing today.
Glitch I do believe that you are missing the point that most of us are trying to make - We like working TOGETHER - not running a BG with a bunch of people who either don't want to play or wish to grief. I do not enjoy the 10 man RBGs; I love the epicness of 40 person pvp. if there were 40 man rated BGs I would be in them all the time. I like the AV map.
11/28/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Tinymasher
blizz should only worry about making each sides viable. if a premade group decide to forget healers... that's up to them

This is it, we should have the choice to compose a team and go into bgs and win and have a good time.

I dont want a challenge, I want to win, I want to roflstomp my opponent, its warcraft, not sharethelovecraft.

And what all of the naysayers fail to mention is the long hours of repeatedly q'ing that we have to do to get a good queue. It takes alot of time to setup and maintain premades, once they get going you can make some good profit, but the setup cost is very large. Raiding is similar.

LFD and random BG etc, these do more to ruin the game just by their very design.

And if they really wanted to get rid of bots, they would start deleting accounts for slam dunk cases.

When the levelling companies couldnt q up 10 bots and then deliver them to their customers coz all the accounts were suspended for 3-6-12 months or just outright deleted, that would be the end of it.

Blizz have already showed that they dont mind screwing people in game when it suits them. The fact that there are so many bots out there still plying their trade means that blizz isnt doing anything to em, because 3month bans would hurt, particularly when its not your account that youve just lost.

Its a closed game, its not like the drug wars in rl, its just a game and blizz has all the power, they could just end the bot problem overnight with a wave of 3 month suspensions and flag the account for further monitoring, if they do it again and its a slam dunk, bang, deleted. Botting wouldnt last more than a week with that rate of account death.
Wow public vent has created a community of people who love to pvp without bots if this could be fixed by letting oq or preform work or blizzard letting us make raids. community's would pop up everywhere and i for one am only playing this game still because of the public vent community not because the game is still new and interesting to me. i cleaned my friends list as thin as i can and i am down to 39 battle net friends that i would not ever delete and they are the only reason i still play a game for as long as i have without moving on. if blizz wants more money and more players they should support these community's this group is as good and better than most guilds i have been in.
BLIZZ FIX OQUEUE!!! always keepin the horde down as soon as we start ownin the alliance
By now, I think any blue post would make me happy, it just seems like they're ignoring what's happening.
Can we please get a response to this issue?
Waiting for a response from a Blizzard employee.
11/28/2012 10:01 PMPosted by Eleric
They need to remove botters. Its like letting a virus run on your computer.

this change did not impact the majority of botters... as the mechanism they use has nothing to do with addons
To: Prosthetic (Forum Troll)
You're far from Colin Quinn or Ken Ober and this is certainly not Remote Control, but you are definitely faceless in the crowd...hope to see you soon on your "secret" alliance toon. Maybe you should roll a troll named trollololol and then troll lol while you get face rolled away.

To the Forum:
You can't stop multiple groups simul-queueing in unison. So everyone keep running multiple groups with the leaders from the same battelgroups queueing them. Party leaders tell the groups to accept the queues when they pop at the same time and make /rw macro's to leave queue when they don't or something to that effect. What's the difference? Blizzard? Any answer to this? Or are you just gonna continue to call it an exploit? Just look at how much raid finder had to be "dumbed down" to make it somewhat acceptable to raiders. Maybe you're gonna do that with battlegrounds and arenas now too? There was a Q&A with a dev or higher up that they were talking about bringing back raid queueing for regulars and having role and gear requirements for bg's. Well guess what fockers? Tiny already did the work for you. Maybe you should thank him instead of calling it an exploit or at least give us a legitimate reason as to why you're calling it an exploit. That's all we've been asking for and the reason behind this thread. They also mentioned something about giving some kind of rewards for those rbg's that had so much effort put into them to come so close to a victory and then turned into a loss for whatever reason be it bg glitches like CTF Flag capping problems, incorrect timers, user errors and "other things of this nature" (great now I sound like the governator Get to the CHOPPA!!!!. DO EET NAO!!!). Anyhow we used to be able to queue with full raid groups before rbg's. Blizard you have a way to put same realm premade's up against other same realm premade's just use the same technology for x-realm raid bg groups so people dont have to sacrifice their bg rating and still get honor gear with their guild groups or x-realm friends. **Bump**
11/28/2012 10:21 PMPosted by Holyrose
Waiting for a response from a Blizzard employee.

Apparently, their stance is already quite clear.

Premades = bad
Bots = good
11/28/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Radsputin
Waiting for a response from a Blizzard employee.

Apparently, their stance is already quite clear.

Premades = bad
Bots = good

Yeah, I just saw that one right before you posted it. I'm even more doubtful about this ever working out again =/

@Ghostcrawler Do you have a stance on people queuing several groups for a random BG and using timing to ensure they end up together?


Greg Street‏@Ghostcrawler
@outdps You mean using a premade to stomp noobs? What do you think?

See I have the ballz to actually quote the filth.

I have a stance too, I think the whole old skool blizz design team should be retired and replaced by a new generation.
I would just like to say..

An answer please?

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