JoinBattlefield -- how do we use it post 5.1?

UI and Macro
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Please blizzy we wuv you so much :D
11/27/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Mokkthemadd
*waits for a response*
It really is very confusing why every single change to the game tends to break at least 50% of the addons out there, with no warning, when the majority of players depend on them.

(I even remember, although it is not related to this, blizzard saying at some point that they design(ed) encounters around people having boss mods, so addons are a least at some level supported by blizzard).

Now why you keep break stuff ya'll?
thanks for ruining an add-on that improves your game!!!!
The loss of subscriptions if this addon is permanently broken would be noticeable.

A large community of people who only continue to pay the monthy subscription for wow because of this addon would greatly appreciate a Blizzard response and a solution.
11/27/2012 02:34 PMPosted by Elrand
Please blizzy we wuv you so much :D

that and its really the reason some of us play
Why blizz...why?
If anyone can message Koyen on the eu forums, she has a highly rated thread over there (about oqueue) where she might be able to get a response. Cause its looking like this forum is devoid of blues :(

(alternatively someone could make a new thread like this on the eu forum as well, if someone hasnt already)

EDIT: it looks like someone posted in the eu thread already, but still bump the issue over there as well! - koyens thread - Tiny's thread on eu
Scary to think Blizz may have done this with the intention of blocking addons like Oq and PAV...
This is limiting our ability to use cross realm parties and CRZ that you spent so much time and effort into. Bump for replies ect.
Remember to "LIKE" Tiny's Original Post. Several PvPers are devastated and now I have to go do pet battles to enjoy some type of pvp today.
Pointless change that killed our only method of getting into battlegrounds that aren't filled with bots and afkers.
11/27/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Mokkthemadd
*waits for a response*
I think a lot of issues with this game, (including this one), arrise from blizzard going for 'quantity over quality' and pushing things out before things work all nicely, for the sake of fast frequent content patches.

Unless this was intentional. Which would be very mean D:
11/27/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Mokkthemadd
*waits for a response*
waiting for blue
Way to Go Blizzard Messing up on patch day Yet Again.......Waiting For Response
Please, Bliz, respond. :-)
I thought Blizzard said there is nothing wrong with mods that aid in queueing up with groups of friends. Now, all of the sudden, the best PvP group queueing mod in existence is being prevented from use with no explanation. And for the PvP Community, this is a huge deal. Blizzard, you seriously need to respond to this thread, and fix this issue as stealthily and as quickly as you created this issue. Do not leave Tiny, and all the Horde and Alliance PvPers hanging!

Waiting on a Blue reply,
Hotfix requested, Blizz. Focus less on Pet Battles and more on PvP Battles, please.

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