JoinBattlefield -- how do we use it post 5.1?

UI and Macro
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omg pug BGs are killing me...pls blizz!!!!!!!!!!!
Tiny, you might wanna update your other thread, as well as the oqueu website, so people are aware of this. (and possibly direct them here).
Just, you know, saying :3

also this x1000
11/27/2012 03:20 PMPosted by Spoongar
Hotfix requested, Blizz. Focus less on Pet Battles and more on PvP Battles, please.
*twiddles thumbs*
Hoping for a quick Blizzard response. Doubtful, however.

Clicked "LIKE" on the 1st post, as everyone here should.

I would appreciate a prompt reply to this thread.
A response please.
Well Blues, whats up
Come on blizz you wont rid the game of bots..The pvp community loves this add-on so get on the job and fix the code.

No need to play sads just because someone beat you to it.. Maybe blizz should put Tiny on the books and sit him in the office above ghostcrawler
Id also like to see this fixed
This is getting exceedingly disappointing by the minute
I've been unable to find an RBG team on several realms (3 realm transfers since MOP for PVE purposes). Literally everyone either wants 1600 rating or no rating trade groups form with 6 DKs and wonder why it's a quick loss. It's absolutely impossible to break into the RBG scene because of the colossally stupid CR system. I've tried various websites (openraid and battlemasters) to no avail: literally sitting in chat or monitoring groups for 8+ hours at a time and nothing.

Then this addon comes along and I finally am able to consistently get into groups with it. I was sitting at 0 CR until I found this and was able to snag a few wins.

If Blizzard doesn't want people to RBG, then breaking this addon is an absolutely genius idea.
Please blizzard please
11/27/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Børc
*waits for a response*
This isn't cool at all... Pug bg games are full of bots and are hardly playable or enjoyable I know myself as well as hundreds of other pvpers are boycotting bgs for this simple reason. addons like oqueue and preform were a way out for friends to coordinate and communicate in bgs without having bots. You might say well then do rbg's. the problem with that is not all friends are the same ratings some low to nothing some high the high rating friends dont want to lose it and the low ones get roflstomped. This is a serious matter to the pvp community and i think it deserves to be addressed
signed- A person that is gonna sit in org and troll out of bordem until something is done
11/27/2012 01:22 PMPosted by Mokkthemadd
*waits for a response*
Its an unfortunate event. However this keeps the games balanced for all players. While unfortuantely limiting.
here is a simple macro:
local i=1
local b=_G["PVPHonorFrameBgButton"..i] ;
while b do
if b:GetText() == "Warsong Gulch" then
b:Click() ;
print( "joining" ) ;
JoinBattlefield(1,true) ;
return ;
i=i+1 ;
b=_G["PVPHonorFrameBgButton"..i] ;

this simple code block use to queue my group for warsong (or whatever bg i specified).
now, it's telling me the call is only available to the blizz ui


how are we supposed to queue groups outside of the wow honor tab?

a blue response would be appreciated by those of us developing addons for YOUR customers
WTH happened to my fav add-on?
Its an unfortunate event. However this keeps the games balanced for all players. While unfortunately limiting.

I wouldn't say balanced is the right word to use right there. There's still the problem of bots in all BG's.
if you've twitter, you can help me try and bring attention to the problem by messaging ghostcrawler :3
Please fix this oQueue was a great addon :(

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