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Tried logging on to my mobile armory, and it said my account was "blocked, banned or under review" which is weird I was on it last night, and havent done anything to warrant any of these things. And I havent received an email saying anything about it. So I checked my account, says its pending... Checked my bank and last transaction was 8th of november, so my subscription isnt due to come out yet. I have no idea whats going on :/
Ok it was supposed to.come out yesterday, even though it hasnt even been 30 days, but its still pending :/. Ive never had an issue with payment before.
It looks like there were some minor delays with subscription payments, Shinsox. This should hopefully sort itself out very soon.
^Thanks pal. I was confused about this when I was out today and it wasn't letting me log in. :o
yeah bros
Any updates on this? I'm getting the same thing today. I'm broke as crap but I know when my sub is up. I assumed my account overdrafted or something like it got hacked and was botting so it freaked me out. How long does it take to go through?
Please update everyone on this issue. I can understand delays in new subs, but a subscription that hasn't changed in years? Come on.
Same here. Any reason for this? 1st time ive had this problem in 5+Years
Having the same issue here. Kindly resolve the problem ASAP. Thanks.
Any news on this one? I'm getting this error today... plenty of funds available but it says payment pending...
Same here. Been pending all afternoon and now I'm stuck with no game access. :(
Same problem here. I assume everything will be up once the banks on their end get settled. Just hope it doesn't take all weekend. :(
I'm also having this issue and the two people who answered my ticked gave me a useless canned message about adding a credit card, which is not the problem since it is auto pay. It's got to be a problem on blizzards side, since I'm guessing these are all coming out of different banks.
Same issue here. I thought it might have been my credit card so I sent to sub to my Paypal account. Didn't work...Seeing that this has been a problem for the past few days is not encouraging.
I had the issue yesterday. I just went ahead and purchased the time in the store so I could continue playing.

Seems this is happening more and more with people.
What's interesting is that I'm getting this message on my phone but I'm able to log in to the game just fine. My phone was working yesterday though.
Hmmm same here going on 5 years now running 2 accounts. Please fix it
this is happening to me and i cant log in to wow

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