Addon not working with new patch implemented...anyone have a quick fix for this? Would be nice to have it work for my raid tonight.

Quoting Leafkiller from the Fluiddruid forums..

aggixx identified a temporary patch for Droodfocus for those who are getting errors with 5.1. Edit DroodFocus_combo.lua and change line 9 to "local SPELL_POWER_LIGHT_FORCE = SPELL_POWER_LIGHT_FORCE"
^Worked...Thanks a lot man appreciate it.
Worked as well. Thanks a lot.
Anddddd broken again, any fixes this time lol??
Was working fine for me last night, haven't changed anything.

Check that, I don't seem to remember going Kitty last night. But it was looking fine when I'd briefly shapeshift, and was correctly popping up icons for CDs and debuffs.

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