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Hello, My main is a level 90 protection paladin (Blood Elf) and I'm looking for a raiding guild to do MoP raid content with, I'm willing to get a faction transfer if need be, though I'd prefer to avoid that if possible, I'm willing to get a server change (as you can tell by my posting here I almost expect it). My schedule is flexible so it's unlikely that your raid times would be in conflict with it.

I've got experience with 6/6 MSV (N) and 4/6 HoF (N) and the ilvl of my tanking set is 476, however I have both a retribution set and a holy set which I alternate between as my off-spec depending on what's needed (both have an ilvl of 470). I have experience in the older expansions, my experience is extensive so I won't post it all here, but I'm willing to elaborate if you wish.

My experience with MoP so far has all been 10-man content, however I'd prefer to join a guild doing 25-man content, although I would still happily do the content in 10-man form.

I'll try and answer some of the broader, more sweeping questions in this post, however if you wish to talk in a great deal more detail I'll just create a character on your server and we can talk personally.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope we can raid together in the future.
We need a reliable tank our progression has halted due to our tanks going AWOL.

1/6H MSV + 4/6N HoF we raid Wed/Thu/Sun 8pm-12am Sydney time.

If your keen add me Xterminatz#6691
Hi there,

Currently in need of a Tank - Thurs/Sun/Mon 8:30-11:30PM server time. Add me to discuss further: Belacv#6196

Best of luck
Hey mate,

We are in need of a tank, we raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 7pm - 10pm GMT +10.

We are currently 1/6H MSV and 2/6 HOF (progression has been slow due to pug tanks).

If you are interested hit me up. Cheers

hit us up on real ID. Ill log onto your Pallys server to try chat with you during the week otherwise.

Hey Gazzaraz,

<Jelly> of Dath'remar is currently seeking a Tank for a core position in it's 25 man team.

We're Currently 2/6 Heroic MsV and 6/6 HoF.

Please feel free to throw an app up on our website at

Or feel free to talk to me in game, my battle tag is Antagqt#1628

Thanks, Antaqt

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