[A] <Basic> is Recruiting for 10M T/TR 5p-8p

Hey Proudmoore!

<Basic> is a relatively new guild (level 14) looking for more members of all kinds! We have fun people, special events, and Varian vs. Garrosh debates ALL OF THE TIME.

We are starting up a Tu/Th 10m group that will be raiding from 5p-8p Server time (8p-11p EST) and are looking to fill the last few slots.

Group #2 - Current Needs:

Elemental Shaman (w/ Resto OS) - High
Warlock - High

Hunter - Medium

Balance Druid - Low
Shadow Priest - Low
Holy Paladin - Low

If you're not on the list, still feel free to check us out! To apply, please visit our guild website: http://basic-proudmoore.info/

If you have any questions, feel free to message an officer or contact me through Battletag. My battletag is Times4#1695
11/28/2012 08:24 AMPosted by Wrynku
Varian vs. Garrosh debates ALL OF THE TIME.

Instead of having these debates, we should have a VarianXGarrosh fan fiction. The end result will be both horrifying and exciting. :D
I can only imagine the cheesy situations that these fanfics would put Varian and Garrosh in XD
Bump! Join us for DraeneiXPandaren sexytimes, random jokes, and my super fast Spanish speak on ventrilo, porque tengo un gato en mis pantalones.

One Direction? More like JUAN DIRECTION!

So this is where Cast ended up...

So this is where Cast ended up...


The funny thing is that you're right.

He's awesome.

Whoever gets him will most likely have said awesome rubbed into their very essence.
Vox smells. Fartin all the damn time.
Bump for the bump god.
Bump because GameGrumps.

Still need moar peepz for Team Landshark. I refuse to call it anything else but Landshark, because Landsharks (OT: Ily Schwert for introducing me to that song).


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